$39K for the Linn Klimax DAC/streamer?

It has to be set up using a special service and there is no manual? I guess this for the very wealthy few who do not care about "gear." I would rather buy a car with this money, or part of a Porsche, and set up my own DAC/streamer. But Stephen Scarf at Absolute Sound says.."unquestionably the best combination DAC/streamer I've ever heard, bar none." Great hyperbole, may hold true for a month or two, then some other over-priced bit of kit comes along..
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Same issue of TAS has a rave review of the Hi Fi Rose 150B streamer/dac.  Costs $5K.


Would be interesting to compare to the Linn at 1/8th the price.


I didn't ask if you thought all DACs and amps sounded the same. I asked you to consider why they sound different (if you do perceive a difference) and then consider if some of the same factors might apply to streamers.

Based on your response,I gather that you haven't actually tried any upscale streamers.  I won't change your belief through this discussion. May I suggest you try one in your system? If, after then, you decide there's no benefit, then you'll have a data point on which to base your opinion.  


My apologies for the initiation of this wayward thread! I was just responding as a scientist who has worked with computers in biology and medicine their entire life.

As a lifelong amateur musician, having played in almost every type of ensemble ranging from rock bands to string orchestras, it is my view that there is little sonic room left to improve music reproduction beyond the best of what is available now. I am lucky to have such a system, but I remain suspicious of expensive new products (and reviewers in audio magazines and on youtube) that continue to claim that every new gadget that comes along is the best thing since sliced bread.

As a scientist, and thankfully not an engineer, I realize that most of these recent claims are specious, but I will try and stop posting incendiary topics. Thanks...

I used to work for the company that made the Ariston RD11S and remember having a conversation with Mr Tiefenbrun one night at a hi fi exhibition and I broached the question to him if he would ever get into digital. His outburst was unprintable and the upshot was if digital ever started taking over then that was it for him and he would instantly put up the shutters. Well digital is now the major force in hi fi ( my opinion ) and Mr Tiefenbrun still hasn’t put up the shutters and I think 39K for a Dac is daylight robbery just as in the Eighties the Ariston was just as good as the LP12 for less than the linn.

Linn's Klimax DAC/Streamer is an interesting product.

When I think of Linn, my immediate thought is about the turntable and I'm aware of their long history with digital music.  

Linn has a great customer base with complete Linn systems - folks spending $6K to well over $60k on a complete system which can be 'camoflaged' into the room or big on display.

Their decision to design their own chip may be a way for them to get high-end audio philes to consider Linn digitial sources as well.