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Streaming YouTube
It’s amusing seeing the hi-fi system videos that are on YouTube. I don’t know how you could possibly hear what  loud speakers could do using the YouTube medium  
I am considering a luxman 3600 tube amp as my first adventure into tube amplifiers?
Good advice from Elliot  
Qobuz + Lumin = Headache
John, When I opened a Lumin I found it took a day to learn the application and then it worked pretty well. The sound quality of the LUMIN with their digital volume control was just outstanding    
The New NSMT Model 75 Loudspeaker
I have a pair headed my way  
Considering A New Streaming DAC (Pick 1 of 4)
I went from a LUMIN T2 a Weiss 501. Granted, the Weiss cost twice as much as the LUMIN  but the Weiss portrayed natural tone, space and dynamics more realistically. I am a Roon user and that was a must-have feature. I am very satisfied with the We... 
Worth upgrading my cables?
If you have not experimented with moving your speakers around then S Gordon’s advice is great. Mr. Prentice was also right on the money if you do go the cabling route  
Streamers and their Fuses
I swapped out the stock fuses in my Weiss 501 with some Littelfuse 285s. I could easily hear a little more detail and mid bass. It was worth the $10 per fuse  
Using streaming as a main source ---DSD, FLAC, MQA Streamers and DACS
Is MQA important to you? Myself and many others have rejected this Lossy format for many reasons but I prefer lossless playback because I can hear the difference on my system. Is ROON important to you? Many of us use that for varying reasons. I am... 
Question about optimizing streaming network.
I use an  IFi power x for both of my FMC boxes. The Ifi on the FMC closest to my front end made a very noticeable improvement but the other one connected via ethernet cable to my router, not as much  
iFi iPower X - hifi bargain?
I had exactly the same experience when swapping out the wall wart power supply on my fiber media converter boxes. It had an immediate and very noticeable positive improvement. I was shocked   
Speakers that are good with tubes
Hilde nailed it  
What are your top three favorite classical compositions?
Bach Goldberg variations, Elgar enigma variations, Beethoven’s seventh Symphony  
What was the first CD with great drums??
Planet Drum  
Why is everyone so down on MQA?
It is superfluous. It was worthwhile when bandwidth was very limited and I think that was the approach MQA was taking. I do not want to stream lossy  files  
Four Hour Tube Amp Warm-Up
My experience mirrors Tablejockey