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Legacy XD series for tube amplifier thoughts
Have you considered American designed and made NSMT?  
Tube amps - what 3 things…
Tubes can be intimidating to start with all the different design approaches and care that is required for speaker matching. Once you start it can be addictive.  
Tube amps - what 3 things…
What speakers. A VERY important consideration. Auto bias, tube rolling ability, quiet design  
Keep them coming Kenjit   
More Bass
Your speakers need to break in. You probably need some room treatment and I would ask dealer advice on how to get a max set up.  
Speaker Cables for FRITZ Carbon 7 SE mk2
Not a fritz owner but my system is all TWL.  
Never heard an amp do this before, ideas?
Let us know what you discover. I’ve used a PL integrated for over 4 years and absolutely nary an issue. Mine is dead quiet.  Contacting Upscale is where I would start first.  
Triode Wire Labs
I use a TWL Ethernet cable also. I have used many and this is the best ever in my system. Very natural sounding, Tonal neutral and a very airy spatial presentation  
EBTech HumX
IFi silent power ground defender is what I used. It’s a little cube that plugs into your components IEC outlet and then your power cord plugs into the back of the cube, a nifty and effective solution for me  
EBTech HumX
Tried and didn’t help me but the IFi audio ground loop plug in on my amp worked great  
Whole reference system was stolen, need budget friendly integrated. Help Please!
How can you sue your insurance company for a first party claim? Doesn’t the contract say you must go through an arbitration process? Did you have a replacement cost coverage policy? If you do then the insurance company will pay you depreciated val... 
Speaker Break-in
I received  my new NSMT model 75 Loudspeakers three weeks ago. I did not notice a significant sonic change from out-of-the-box to 100 hours, where I am now. The manufacturer advised a 200 hour break-in; and not to play at high volume during the br... 
Tour dates of classical musicians
I just bought tickets for Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. I attend the symphony here in Prescott Arizona about once a month  
Need help! First step into high end audio
Try some Peachtree self powered monitors  
Bought new, faster RAM and my MHz went down. Help
Good one Carlsbad