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Speakers for a very large room?
Rich,I'm sure you probably already know this but I'd get the listening room acoustics tackled first and take it from there. You might like what you already have.Larry 
Daughter needs something better than iPhone for music. Help!
I recommend a Peachtree Audio DeepBlue speaker. I've used them for years with an iPhone. She could stream any music she likes. 
Power Cables
I would spend the money to replace the Adcom before spending crazy money on a Power Cord. 
Synergistic Red Fuse ...
I put one in my Peachtree Nova 125se. Shocking improvement....I thought I was just being a tweak geek but this is one $90 improvement I'm glad I spent. I noticed more detail and significantly wider deeper soundstage....how was this possible??? tot... 
Power cord for low-watt tube amp?
best way to go is ask the mfg. what they recommend 
Any Bluetooth wireless speakers that you like?
have you considered a Peachtree Deep Blue 2? All in one solution, great sound but no substitute for a full blown rig. 
Replacing a MAC Mini with new one...
suggest a used mini with the quad core set and a minimum 8gB ram and install a ssd...store all your music on an outboard harddrive. you probably know all this so no offense intended 
To Power Condition or Not to Power Condition?
PS Audio Dectet worth every penny, you'll be happy....improved sound, gear protected etc without some crazy cost 
USB Disruptor Is the Real Deal
Funny but I went the same route except put a "RED" fuse into my Peachtree....amazing result