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How many watts are you pushing your Merlins with?
I auditioned a pair of 8W Welborne Laurels with my TSM-MX's. My room is similar to the size of yours although I have a considerable amount or wall/corner acoustic treatments. I never pulled out the SPL meter but can say that there was sufficient v... 
Oregon Audiophiles...
Live in Albany.......guess that makes 2, hey! Have done much business with Jim @ NWAL and also Stereotypes up in Portland. When first getting into high end audio 25 years ago, I spent most of my time at Corner Audio (Joe Weber). Might be intereste... 
Song intros that really grab you? ?
Intro to Sweet Jane (Rock and Roll Animal) 
Song intros that really grab you? ?
Dick Wagner - gtr 
Best Song or AlbumTitles?
"You can't beat your brain for entertainment" Stretch `76 
Used Pre-amp advise please....
Avguygeorge is right. I have owned the Quadlink 5C cables too and upgrading to Cardas Cross and then TG Audio's HSR speaker cables has been an big step up each time. I've never heard your amps or your speakers but would still tell you that your Du... 
Benefits of a DAC for Moon Nova
Richard Kern of Audiomods did a Black Gate capacitor mod on my Nova recently and I am extremely pleased with the improvements in soundstaging, definition, and more organic presence. High value mod, imo. tm 
Overseas Shipping Of Amplifier; Anything Special?
Wooden crate! Build a wooden crate to fit tight around the factory carton. Save yourself and the buyer the grief and headaches of shipping damage. Been there....... 
Choosing cables for Passive applications?
I run 2 sets (one 1/2m, one 1m) of Luminous Audio Sychestra Reference ic's between cdp > Reference Line and between Reference Line > amp. Before this I was running 2 sets of Reference Line's own DSL cabling which was very good and made speci... 
SimAudio Nova/Eclipse owners: IC of your choice?
I'm using Luminous Audio's Synchestra Reference i/c's and TG Audio SLVR power cord with excellent results. Also, the TG is fed by a Digital Stealth/Silent Source powercord. 
Merlin owners,any thoughts.......
I am using TG Audio power and speaker cables, and Luminous Audio Synchestra Reference i/c's with excellent results on my TSM-M's. 
Guitar Solos
Dick Wagner was the subject of the previous post, and his solos with Lou Reed on the Rock and Roll Animal and Live recordings. 
Guitar Solos
......and if you liked this, check him out with recordings with Frost. 
Preamp Deal of the Century
What is the minimum shelf spacing required for the Chardonnay linestage? 
deHavilland UltraVerve Preamp
Could you explain where the input switches are on this unit?I've seen all the pictures of the unit and it looks like the two knobs on the rear/top must be for input/output switching. Can you confirm this?