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Tube pre/SS amp to replace Plinius 8200 integrated
Used to have the Plinius SA100 MkIII (1.7k used) with a Joule LA100 MkII (1.5k used). This was a really nice match and sometimes I wish that I had kept them both. My musical tastes are similar to yours and speakers were Merlin TSM-MX's.good luck 
Any feedback on the Nagaoka MP 30 cartridge?
It's been years, but I had a Sonogragh/FT-3 combo with the Nagaoka MP-30. It was a nice cartridge. Full-bodied warm sound. Not the most detailed but an easy listen. Really depends on your budget. 
2k budget for Amp
How about the Plinius SA50 MkIII that's listed today.Should mate nicely. 
Audio Racks & Equipment Support
Freediver,Where are you located? I have a 3 shelf TAOC AS-1 rack that I might let go in the near future when my new table is finished.There is a good write up in PFO from a little over a year ago.It is "as new" and I just don't want to ship it eve... 
LP jackett maintance and fix?
For seam splits try taking a thick piece of construction paper and cutting about 2" wide by 12" and folding it in half lengthwise. Then apply a light coating of Elmer's glue and carefully insert it inside the jacket and up tight into the seam. Be ... 
Difference between Plinius Sa-100mklll and Sa-102?
I was a long time owner of the SA100 mkIII and sometimes wish that I would have hung on to it. The only difference in operation is that the 102 when run in Class A automatically reverts back to Class A/B after a set length of time without a signal... 
Stereovox LSP-600c and Merlin?
I have a very similar setup as your's and have been running with TG speaker cables from the start. I love 'em and would recommend anyone with Merlins to at least give them a try. I really find no fault with them, but then I haven't tried any other... 
What do you do with all those CD's??
Take a look at my system page as well. I had a friend from work build me a 48" wide floor to ceiling unit with a larger bottom shelf for support and also useful for lp's or storage for box sets. When I began to fill the first unit up, I asked him ... 
REL Subwoofer Cable Upgrade?
Signal cable makes one and I have this one. It's definitely a step up, but I have not heard the Synergistic Research cable or any others.I believe it cost just over $200 for a 12' cable. 
Give the new Kid Rock a shot.
There's too much good music out there to find......why waste my time on "performers" like kid rock? 
Best Source For Quality Jazz CDs?
Eastwind Imports has some really tasty Japanese import labels. Not cheap but shipping is reasonable and extremely fast. 
Subwoofers and Merlins
I have been using a REL Strata III sub with my TSM-MX's for a couple years now and am extremely happy with the match. The Stata is a sealed cabinet (as the Merlins), and I run mine out of phase with the crossover set to it's lowest point. Also hav... 
Jennifer Warnes 20th Anniversary Fam Blue Raincoat
Got mine yesterday and have not really had time to compare to my other copy. First impressions are that sound has been cleaned up a bit with much of the brightness gone that bothered me on my standard issue cd. There are 4 bonus tracks including "... 
A question I suspect reveals a lot of ignorance...
Don't know the answer either, but would like to ask whether anyone knows whether or not it is ok to immediately play the amp after switching it on? I seem to recall reading somewhere that a tube amp should be allowed to warm up a few minutes befor... 
Are the online zines killing print mags in audio?
The print magazines are killing themselves, imo. Trying to hard to appease "everyone".