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Loricraft PRC, multiple-step cleaning and static
Try less time on your last cycle/rinse. I don't know what you had before, but on my VPI 16.5 I shut it down after no more than 3 rotations or else I get static. Possible that the Loricraft dries more efficiently and so in less time. The static is ... 
Inexpensive speaker cable for Merlin
Find a pair of TG Audio HSR speaker cables at about your price point used, or new for just a little more. Just my opinion, but shared by a few others who have or had Merlins.good luck, 
SS amp for Merlin VSMs?
I was always pleased with the Plinius SA100 MkIII on my TSM-MX's. This was with a Reference Line passive and later with the Joule LA100 MkIII preamp. I now have the Filarmonia integrated amp, but miss having my amp powered on 24/7 where I could si... 
Heed Quasar or Jasmine Audio phono stage?
I have not heard the Jasmine unit, but have the Quasar in my system for the past couple years. I purchased mine as a demo for $750 (full warranty) and am entirely pleased with it. I'm running mine with a Dynavector DV20XL and have plenty of gain. ... 
Berning EA-230 vs RM-10mkII with Merlin VSM
The Joule is a wonderful preamp for the Merlins. Used to have this one that I used with a Plinius amp for my TSM-MXe's. Nice combo but I ended up with a Filarmonia integrated. Still wish that I would have kept both the Joule and the Plinius.....ju... 
REL Strata III spikes
The Strata originally came with spikes and Sumiko recommended to "not" use them. I don't with mine atop a sandbox. 
Cables & Merlin TSM-XMr
Tg Audio HSR speaker cables is what I've been happily running for 7 years now. 
Comedy Albums
No Firesign Theatre?....blasphemy!!!!!! 
Merlins & Speaker Wire
I'll second the TG Audio wire. I've been running these with my TSM-MX's since getting them about 8 years ago. Very nice match. 
Cary, Cayin or Primaluna EL34 for Merlin VSM-MME
I think you'd do well to try to audition a Manley Stingray integrated. I think that you could find one used close to your price range. 
Best way to couple monitor speakers to stands?
The best method would be attach via screws to firmly couple to your speakers/stands. This is what I would do with my Merlins, but refuse to drill into the cabinets so I use blu tak. I think the secret is to use just very small blobs. About the siz... 
Any good equipment racks that are afordable?
I would take a look at TAOC racks. You could get a 3 tier setup for under 1.5k and these are nice. Positive Feedback did a write up a few years ago with lots of details. 
Distortion on Giant Steps?
I feel your pain. Recently picked up an original Kind Of Blue release (VG+) on vinyl and because of some noise on the first track I decided to also buy a new copy of the 200g Classic Records reissue. There is an intermittent "buzz/squawk" at sever... 
Need advice on a good Phono preamp
I have been extremely happy with a Heed Quasar that I got as a demo for $750. It works great with a .3mv Dynavector. 
New favorite VINYL Album?
"Fisherman's Blues" - Waterboys on 200g Simply Vinyl