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Has anyone heard the SimAudio 650D?
Have used my 650D for 6 or 7 years now. Previously ran a Simaudio Nova cdp for about 10 yrs. The 650D blew away the Nova. Not even close.   
Help. System sounds thin and bright or harsh
If you are using any rigid footers like cones, spikes, Rollerblocks, try removing them and replace with something pliant. If your issue is resonance related this should tell you.   
Experience with Townshend Seismic Podiums on Concrete Floor (they're great)
The Podiums do adjust differently than the exposed pods on the Platforms. With the Podiums you need to use the small wrench provided and turn it while holding the pod stationary. I did use a level when adjusting during installation, but it’s been ... 
Experience with Townshend Seismic Podiums on Concrete Floor (they're great)
Have been able to adjust pods on my Podiums and Platform independently for leveling and only issue is the Platform pods need more grip on the bottom and I’ve had to often align each one so they are perfectly vertical.  What I have learned is that ... 
Under my tower speakers -- Isoacoustics Gaia, other options?
Thanks Robert (audiopoint) for the in depth discussion on the science of vibrational energy. Very long but because of recent experiences I read every word. I am just someone who loves music and like most here have had a lifelong passion to get th... 
Occasional Sound Imbalance Issue
Just thinking about this again and wondering if it’s possible that when after your gear has warmed up if maybe the metal chassis becomes “torqued” out of square so to speak and this prevents your footers from all making solid contact.  Might be wo... 
Occasional Sound Imbalance Issue
Nuev, I am currently dealing with something somewhat similar. My system has recently made big steps up after experimenting with spring isolation. First was the Symposium Segue ISO platform under my turntable which led to Townshend Podiums for the ... 
The Best Isolation/ Vibration Footers per component - what's your experience?
Interesting discussion. About a year ago I bought the Symposium Segue Iso for my turntable and was very impressed. Wanting to learn more about spring isolation, I read very interesting comments regarding Townshend products and eventually bought a ... 
Review: The Audiogon Discussion Forum itself 😉
Daily visitor and seldom post anything, but enjoy following threads that either educate or that contribute equipment experience and opinions. I have followed Audiogon daily since inception (about 25 yrs).    A couple things bother me:  1.When re... 
As promised my thoughts on my newly installed Townsend Podium isolation system.
Nice review. Have been following discussions on the Townsend Podium and would like to ask any users if they recommend also using Pods or Bars under the subwoofer if I were to acquire Podiums for the mains?thanks 
Best Wireless ear buds for SOUND..??!
I’ve been pretty happy with Jabra Active Elite 75’s and highly recommend them if you will be wearing during workouts. They are sweat resistant and sound is excellent ( considering it is Bluetooth). Price was 179!tm 
Song With Best Beginning
Sweet Jane on "Rock and Roll Animal" album. 
What is the Best Phono Pre-Amp Under $750?
See if you can locate a Heed Quasar demo. Got mine for $700 (demo) and am lovin' it. 
Your best chair you listen to your gear
I have an Ekornes Stressless and now use a "Luna" chair. It has a low back and is very comfortable with ottoman. It's about 1/4 the price of the Ekornes. You can also get a version with headrest. There is a picture of one on my System page. 
Great and well-recorded jazz on CD
Clifford Jordan "Live At Ethyll's"Ellington "Blues In Orbit"Charlie Haden "Nocturne"These came to mind right off the bat.....