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Cheap SACD Player?
I wouldn't waste your time with Sony C333ES - go with an XA777ES or above if you can - they are very reasonable in price used and sound terrific. All the new DSD recordings sound great. Some of the old remasters aren't worth it as they sound about... 
iPod Hifi
it's crap but will compete with bose. 
What headphone amp to buy-Sennheiser HD 600?
"With the price range most people here are playing with, I'm surprised on one has recommended anything from the Headroom line. I've heard nothing but good things about them, especially the upper level amps. My friend has one and says the crossfeed... 
Has anyone compared the Cary 308t vs. 303/300???
Funny you ask. I would say the 303/300 has better detail and some other attributes (I listened but not in my system), but I was listening to my 308T last week with Mullard tubes (I heard there are better matches out there but don't tube roll much)... 
sa 777aes as a transport
Sounds like it might work. I have the XA777ES with the superclock 3 upgrade - Sony's DAC is very good - a bit analytical but very good - I think most people that don't like Sony's sound are looking for Euphonic stuff instead of "just the facts". I... 
Rotel RB-1080 and RC-1090 vs Musical Fidelity A5
I upgraded from RB 1080, RC 1090 to an integrated ASL AQ1001DT and musicalness is what I got from it. The stock power tubes are pretty good, but I replaced the input tubes with NOS RCA "black plates" (cream of the crop) - It is a significant upgra... 
silverline vs von schweikert
Rrodmanr is right. Certain speakers have a "signature". The VR4jr's are very neutral. With tubes they are magical, not analytical. So, the choice is a "house" sound or neutral. On headphones I enjoy Grado's signature sound, but for speakers I ende... 
HDCD a flash in the pan already??
Congrats Pmt209! - sounds like a win win to me too. 
Why so many Rotel RCD-1072 players for sale ?
Von Schweikert VR4Jr how is it w/o biwire?
"how to bi-wire if my power amplifier has only 1 set of output connection?" - jack368Most do - most biwire cables have 1 connection for the amp end and 2 for the speaker end. "can I use 2 different brands of cables and clamp plus-plus and minus -m... 
silverline vs von schweikert
You look pretty content and comfortable in your listening chair with your feet up ;-)How is the diagonal set up working for you in regards to your room acoustics Yohjo? 
I hate stereo stores But found the next best thing
I think it's good to post stuff like this. I made some purchasing mistakes listening to some hi fi stereo shops until I found ( I didn't trust him because of prior experience and in the end I learned the expensive way that... 
Leave tube amp on all day?
I just simply would turn it on and off. Unless you use cheap tubes. That's what will cost you. The rest of the amp even if you shorten it's life should last 10+ years under bad conditions. 
silverline vs von schweikert
I did better with my 50 Watt tube amp also. I used to use a 200wpc SS. So, I think it may have been an isolated situation. Quality over quantity has worked for me. 
The iPod and the Audiophile
I agree it's more for someone who wants the best they can get on the road. It's still fun to listen to with good in ear phones, but I wouldn't consider the ipod an audiophile anything - despite the audio rags efforts to promote it. Non audiophiles...