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Senn 600 vs AKG 601or 701
No - I don't have any experience with those amps. I think all the ones you've mentioned are very good from everything I've read at headfi. I didn't bight the bullet on the 701's because the Senn 600 with cardas cable is an amazing phone. I also ha... 
Senn 600 vs AKG 601or 701
Sounds from headfi that the 701's might be a little better, but the hype machine is running on full speed as people are getting their new phones and being excited about it. Are there any brick and mortar stores that cary the 701's? Or are they on ... 
Grace Design m902 vs. Benchmark DAC1?
I agree with Mikesinger. I think both of these DAC's can be beat for slightly more money in a big way. 
Always on ?
Thanks for the post RobertD - I do the exact same with tubes and SS. 
Salk HT3 vs VAS VR4jr
I thought that about the db99's at first, but after further listen the tweeter on the SR is much better. Also, the SR uses what Von Schweikert thinks is the best midrange driver in the world! "I did not like them at all, sorry" - wow, must have hi... 
Rank Stereophile, & why no Von Schweikert reviews
My dealer said that Stereophile has a VR4jr they are reviewing!! and he's not nuts - could this be true? If it's true I guess the pressure is finally getting to them. And the fact that the absolute sound gave the jr's stunning review might make re... 
SACD Player--Finally
Warran, Mostly the newly recorded stuff (pure DSD) is well recorded. I would look up opinions online to make sure which ones are good and bad. There are websites that will review the quality. Some are no better than redbook, so don't assume they'l... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Sorry to hear about the broken cart. It happens, and I remember standing there thinking is this real - did I just trash hundreds of dollars in the blink of an eye. This audiophile stuff can turn brutal quick. So, I upgraded so that I wouldn't feel... 
Should Rotel be ok to drive Totem Forrest?
I had the 1070 and 1080 - and clearly the 1070 was the weak link. I moved up to the 1090 only 30 days after getting the 1070 pre. and the 1090 made a huge improvement. The 1080 amp is powerful and a great value, but the preamps that Rotel offers l... 
What's a great multi format player under a $1,000?
I don't think you'll find "great" SACD/DVD-A (or even one of those) for under $1K, esp. multiplayer. The Denon's are not very good IMHO until heavily modified. Then, they have potential to sound "great", but the mod's to get them great will be ove... 
Accurate vs Musical
"BTW “accurate” is “musical” when the recording is!" - pbb Well said 
Dynavector XV-1s What is the REAL story?
For $4,500 I'd go with the manufactures recommendation! 
Questions about SACD vs.analog for classical music
I find Decca's all the time at goodwill, you just have to take what you can find. 
Stereophile review of the T-Amp
Tgrisham, They can't be bridged. So, you'd have the same results as just one. From what I've read anyway. Rob 
Questions about SACD vs.analog for classical music
lol Tedd1 - great system I'm jelous.