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Sony XA777ES or Rega Apollo for Redbook CD's
I have the XA777ES. I understand what you mean about the musicality part. It isn't sterile but is a bit analytical. The options filter helps that if you haven't tried that yet. I enjoy listening to the Redbook of the Sony - it is far more detailed... 
I agree. I don't like to buy just because of the recording quality, and I am not really interested in the talent that Mapleshade has to offer. 
Whats the best MC cartridge for my new VPI SCOUT?
Dyna Karat 
Are the Beatles the reason why modern music exists
If it is shame on them. The top modern music is country and rap. 
Senn 600 vs AKG 601or 701
The Grado's are good for rock or basically any music with a beat. It sounds good on all music though. The RS-1 with the mahogany sounds really good with acoustic guitars, violins, etc. After listening to the Grados, the Senns can sound boring simp... 
Suggestions on used CD Player with Volume Control
Cary 308T. 
Dared amps
I've read a review. I think the thing is you can get a tube amp, DAC, and USB option all for a relatively low price. The only problem is the sound didn't seem that great. I'd stick with Antique Sound Lab for budget tube amps that sound great. 
Yes. Send it back for repair, then hit your cap lock key on your keyboard and you should be good. 
I agree with all the above posts. I have the MGhead (original) and had a lot of buzzing in one channel. Fortunately, my dealer knew someone that quieted down the tubes. It sounds great now. I've had no problems since. I also have a new ASL AQ1001D... 
Looking for headphones, any suggestions?
Mdhoover. You bring up a very good point. I use a radio shack decibal meter and a peice of board agains the phones to make sure they are under 80db's. Just to be safe. It may seem anal, but when I'm 60 I will be able to hear quality music still. 
Looking for headphones, any suggestions?
If you can stretch the AKG K1000 is in another league by itself, very amazing, but it will need rewire and a pricey amp. You will get world class sound with all this though. I prefer the Senn 600/cardas cable to the Senn 650 which has more bass co... 
Tube CD Player Recommendations
You'd be lucky to get a used Cary 308T, but at your budget maybe the Jolida JD100 
Antique Sound
What headphones are you driving? 
Sony xa777 player question
You have to choose on hybrid disks only - Otherwise it detects SACD disks and redbook for you. Analog sound? That's subjective. SACD is very good and sounds close to analog, but I wouldn't say it's the most analog sound out there. The redbook is s... 
Amp recommendation for AKG K1000's headphones?
I think the Cary 300SEI is good all around period. It's wonderful for speakers as well. I haven't tried it, but I think the best synergy from what I've been reading on headfi is the First Watt F1 because of the current it supplies? I've heard the ...