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The Absurdity of it All
tomic6018,049 posts04-21-2021 12:32amI will ask my 19year old wife for a second opinion on the directionality of wire......hoping Google translator will help... I'm reminded of a Rodney Dangerfield joke when said he'd needed a second opinion an... 
Never Use HiFi-Exquis - Worst Merchant Ever!
@artemus_5  What does the pandemic and where it started have to do with this? Coverups? 
What do we hear when we change the direction of a wire?
There is really only be one reason for an interconnect to be directional and that is when the shielding is connected to one end of the cable. 
Class D for a Tube Lover
linndrum8086 posts Try this in business any longer. Their class D amps are great. I owned them. Used them with Wilsons sounded great. Also use VAC amps as well .They sound just as warm ... 
moving from house to an apartment.. goodbye 802D's
Like everyone else, I'd highly recommend keeping your speakers. No matter what speakers you have, you are going to have to find a listening level that works in your new environment.I'm in an apartment with a 5.2.4 home theatre system. The two subs... 
Cocktail Audio's New and latest X50pro Audiophile Music Streamer/server...Any Love?
Hi Tom6897, I find that I can tweak most equipment by opening the case and adding earthed shielding around power supplies (critical) and other boards. Shielded dummy plugs can also be worth considering as they can stop external interference having...