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Audio Research VT80SE amp vs Prima Luna EVO 400 or 300
Go for the Audio Hungary I-20 or I-50  
looking for a Integrated amp $6,000 range
Gryphon Diablo 300 best I had heard , But,¬† you might have to sell your wife and kids off to buy one.  
looking for a Integrated amp $6,000 range
Tube ? the Audio Hungary I-20¬† Solid State ? Moon River R. 
What is the Silliest Accessory You Have Ever Seen.
$30,000 speaker cables that you must elevate off the floor .5,000 posts 
Why so many angry audiophiles?
Why are they angry ? Every unit is almost 10,000 bucks . resale is 2,500  
Does Anyone Think CD is Better Than Vinyl/Analog?
Both those sources are dead its all streamers and internet  
Do speaker wires matter
Make all the difference in the world . Go with Kimber or Purist and there bottom line . And a "TRUE" bi-wire cable . Thats if you have a true bi-wire speaker? Take the speaker cable post off and trace it to the crossover,.separate¬† wires its a tru... 
An audio rack that really does make a difference.
Does a Audio Rack make a difference ? I does from the dealer who sold it to ya! Its called a nice profit . If you have too put it together , Mozol Toff . In other words good luck . I bought the Billy Boggs shelves , very well made and they come to... 
McIntosh vs Accuphase?
You might as well go all the way , Rob the bank or refinance your kidney and house. Buy the Gryphon 300 Diablo intergrated amp .  
Easily the best and most significant sonic tweak one could ever make!
Best Tweak . Save your money invest and put the cash in the bank. You might need for a rainy day  
why so many gryphon diablo 300 integrated for sale now?
Why are so many Diablo "s for sale ? Its simple, the credit card bill came the wife found out .So either the amp goes or the Harley Davis gotta go . If either goes expect too sleep on the couch . And duct take your hands . 
Good entry level cables
Purist and Kimber makes excellent cables .Not the cheapest but one of the best . 
Who, do you think, designs the best looking tube-based devices?
Check out the Audio Hungary intergrated tube amps , "but" its the sounds that matters  
What do/did you do for a living?
They sell there blood ! 
Really need some help finding a full range speaker
Check out the new Fyne 700 series