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Suggestions for an integrated upgrade please
Try the Canor intergrated units . The hybrid unit well made and acurrate unit .  
The smallest tube amp
Definitely try the Audio Hungary 20 watt intergrated unit  
So I just bought a Hegel H390 and
Definitely hear the Fyne line  
What is wrong with my system?
Your wall sockets are not properly grounded . Need a electrician  
Integrated Amps - another thread...
The words best right now !. The Canor Line still at affordable price. 
What speaker do you passionately want to demo?
The Dynaudio C 1 try the new Fyne line  
So damn hard deciding which tube preamp to buy!
The best I have had and heard are the BAT pre amps , Pricey when new 2nd hand better for you. 
Very new to high end audio - Recomendations
Check out the Canor amps high end build quality and sound at affordable prices .Tube and solid state. The Audio Hungary makes nice tube amps too. But the dealers got together and jacked up the prices. That is what those positive reviews will do .  
Why the cost increase?
Big rip off !!!  Plain and simple , the rich get richer and the poor get poorer .Help globe warming ! Lease the new 500 Horse power 5000 pound SUV.  "" You only die once ""  
What Integrated Amp do You use
Gotta try the Canor line , The 2.1 intergraded amp very well made dead quiet tube pre amp . 
Whats the best sounding tube cd player up until now? Vintage or newer.
Canor 2.10  
Best Integrated Amp (for me)
Go for the Canor 2.10  
Recommended cheaper vintage SS Integrated Amps?
The DK made in CHINA was a great amp tuf to find  
Received a Bill for State Tax on An Amp Bought in Canada Last Year
You think your over tax in USA ? In Canada, biggest liars and thieves on the planet . Not to mention they have some of the stupid bastards on earth! Tell them to go to Hell,  
Is D for Dry? Class D...
Class D dry ? Try the Canor audio class  D amp very nice with tube pre amp . I am saving up for one now .