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Can someone suggest a lush tube integrated under $3000 used
Under 3 Grand, the Fezz Audio Silver Luna hands down . Can"t go wrong with this one  
Four Hour Tube Amp Warm-Up
1/2 hour to an hour should do it  
Is it worth upgrading a CD player?
Try the Border Control Dac , Well made 1ST rate service , Very nice sound  2 grand your set  
So, I listened to a $1Million Dollar System
I have a 5 thousand dollar system sounds fine to me . It also depends on your saurse  
Best sounding CD player
Go for the Border Control Dac  
Amplifier recommendation
GREAT AMPS ,  Audio Hungary 20-i amd the Canor 211  
Boulder 866 vs Gryphon Diablo 300
The Boulder is' balanced only '  
Why Purchase A CD Player or Transport ?
Get a decent transport an or  CD player , then purchase the Border Control Dac. Its the End game . A Rotel or a Marantz good bang for the $$$  
Border Patrol Power Supplies
Border Patrol Dac , Great Dac for $$$ . Just received let it burn in for a few hours , very musical and natural sounding. the base is well defined its like your in a live concert .. The reviews are spot on , not to mention build quality is good as... 
Current Pass integrateds?
Try the Audio Hungary I-50 or the I-20 amps or the Canor 2.11 intergrated units you will be surprised at a lot les $$$  
Recommend me a Class A Integrated Amp (or sound like Class A amp)
Try the Audio Hungary I-20 or the I-50  
Think Its Possible To Order Tubes From the Ukraine?
Sure you can , They will even throw in a burnt out russian tank .  
Class D Integrated Amplifier Recommendations.
Can"t go wrong with the Canor 2.10 .           The Best no B.S.  
Up to $4000US tower speakers for Jazz and Classical Music
Check out the Fyne line  
Suggest your most desired MSRP $1,500-$3,000 Stand Mount for a Shootout.
Try the new Fyne 500-SP  speakers . Very nice sound well made speakers