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What do $2500 speaker cables sound like?
Its not the speakers , But the amp and cables you are running  
What Makes your System Special?
What makes my system special ? I get juiced up, put on my favorite CD in 5 minutes I"m out like a boxer in the 13th   round. I wake up and its time to go to work. You can not beat that.  
Class D amps that are superior to all or most?
Give a listen to the new Canor 20.1 hybrid intergrated amp . Very well made balance tube pre amp section giant transformer for the amp side .Very musical and dead quiet not to mention prettier then any of the ladies I go out with. Plus sounds very... 
MSRP, diferentiation and the illusion of value
Also if the units gets  positive reviews . The dealers all get together and raise the retail price up 25% . That"s why for example Gato does direct sales cuts the price down 45% plus shipping .  
Where are the young audiophiles?
Where are the young audiophiles ? Are you serious , just about every unit is almost 10 Grand ! Young people rather spend half there months salary on a Alpha Romero or that 700 HP. Mustang .Or a M 3 BMW . ""BUT"" there are quality units at a some w... 
Favorite cable brand.
Favorite cable Brand ??, That is going to depend on the your units and manufactures .Cables sound different with different companies . 
This is the list of the best makers of audio equipment. Respond if you disagree
Give Canor and or Audio Hungary ,  
Which amplifier should i buy
Go for the Rega amps  
What do you have on order RIGHT NOW.
Every unit  is 10.000.00  bucks . Then  resale it for 2,500.00 . Put your money in the bank or a 403 b . Buy the Rega Brio,  800 buck speakers  nice CD your doing fine . Get the bottom  line well known cable company . 
Wanting to try a tube amp.
Audio Hungary I-20 , nice unit ""but"" the price is going up.  
Speaker Upgrade Recommendation for Current Analog System - under $10,000 Budget
Go with the Fyne 1-8  
Living in Japan. Any opinions on amplifiers?
Move to the U.S. ! then you have more options and cheaper prices  
Tube virgin looking for tube amp under $3k
I guess the Rogue or if you can go a few more bucks ? the Audio Hungary I-20 . More dealers are picking up the line I wish I had the $$$ before the price goes . A dealer loaned me the amp very nice unit the sound was top notch . 
Has anybody bought or heard a Chinese knock off amplifier?
Its all Trumps fault ! 
Schiit - shipments stopped?
What is Schiit ?