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Rogue's new Sphinx integrated. Anyone audition it?
Sunny , I have the new Sphinx now for a couple weeks . All I could say is how Rouge achieves this level of sound for the price is just amazing.Companies like Rega and Rouge got of there Asses good Market ideas and beat the Chinese garbage , There ... 
Looking for a great value integrated
Try the new Rega Brio 900 bucks Clarity and musical and built and heavey like a brick 
Review: Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1 DA converter
Hello The only limitations and disappointments I found with this dac is, "We all have to pay for one" 
Good preamp for Vandersteen and McCormack
McCormack Line stage amp , perfect 
Opinions of Burmester Rondo integrated?
which is your opinion about the new Halcro preamp?
Had the Liberty to audition the Halcro 10 preamp in my system. I was running a Wadia 861 directly into the new Edge 6 power amp w/Sonus Grand piano speakers and NBS middle line cables and P/cords . Then I ran it threw the Halcro preamp.I thought t...