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Yet another turntable recommendation question
For sound quality on a budget, it would be hard to beat the Project Debut Carbon Esprit, or the RPM 1, particularly if you swap out for a better cartridge! 
Which of these power cords ?
Shunyata Venom 
Speakers or room
I certainly would leave any room in which those speakers were playing./You are describing a digital amp. Try class A/B with speakers from a manufacturer targeting critical listeners. 
Point of diminishing return for a DAC
Since I have recent experience from Pi DAC through DCS Vivaldi stack, I might as well chime in. I ended up with an Ayre Codex fed by a Roon Nucleus. I have been quite underwhelmed by the Rendu products - Digital and lifeless, reminiscent of the re... 
New to audio. Is there a good DAC that can produce layers of sound?
You really need vinyl for depth, but the Ayre Codex is the best DAC near your price 
Best high end active monitors at around 6000-9000 EUR a pair
Seriously, for that amount you could get a decent pair of full range speakers and an amp. There are no gods digital amps. All two way speakers suffer in midrange and bass, because no driver can really do both.listen to music on a real stereo! 
Cable septic
Since you seem to be making a serious inquiry, Transparent Audio is one of very few companies which use an empirical approach, using weekly visits to the Portland Symphony, which they record and use as reference for their cables. They also draw on... 
$30K DAC in a $70K system - wise or ridiculous?
Spending on the source is good, but for that amount you could have a DCS Rossini, a world above what you are considering. 
Who needs a Preamp??
I was forced to temporarily use my Ayre Codex as a preamp when my CJ preamp went up in smoke (my fault, trying to improve the power supply).The sound was listenable. I have also listened to vastly more expensive and better DACs (DCS) used without ... 
Luxman 590axii vs Pass Labs int 60
I retired my last CJ tube preamp. I own the Luxman 550AX II and love it! I don't miss tubes at all, after 35 years of enjoying tube preamps. 
need recommendations for standmount speakers
Paradigm Prestige 15Bs are outstanding, and $1600/pair. I'd give them a listen. I haven't heard better for less than $6500. 
Considering simplifying my system... talk me down (or whatever)
I just turned 60 and for the first time in 30 plus years, I have no CJ tube preamp. I recently got a Luxman Class A integrated amp. I love it. It even has a nice phono preamp section. My wife can use it (and the remote).One thing I have gleaned is... 
...amazed by 15+ year old interconnect...
Having replaced 8 gauge 20+ year old copper with modern 14 gauge Synergistic speaker wire and being stunned by the improvement, I conclude even copper ages. I also know that silver gets bright as it ages. 
So many great golden era DD tables out there, what do you recommend for $1000?
Why? A new table from Clearaudio sounds so much better! 
What's a really great Streamer/DAC box for just streaming Tidal?
I am using a Roon Nucleus as both end point and core, feeding an Ayre Codex. That combination is a whole universe beyond the Raspberry Pi Day I used a couple years ago and the Bluesound Node and Cambridge CXN 2 (both of which I like as entry level...