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Transparent Audio Digital Coax Cable
While I agree with much of Ghdprentice above, I find everything matters. My wife ditched Spotify for Qobuz with no prompting with a very modest system. That said, I’ve never found an Audioquest product to sound as natural as one from Transparent. ... 
Storage boxes. Can I discard high end shipping boxes, and still sell in the future?
You cannot ship insured without the original boxes. I’ve seen manufacturers charge $400 for a replacement box.  
Speaker recommendations :-)
I would go with the Wilson Sasha DAWs. I don’t love the older Wilsons. The tweeter had gone through a half dozen revisions since the Sophias. The Darryl Wilson designs are pure magic, as far as bringing a pianist into the room. The DAWs are the fi... 
Can we create a consensus list of the TONALITY of different amps/preamps/brands?
I find even the limited info here somewhat useful. I also believe in objective reality- people know whether a piano sounds like a piano, and furthermore that long term satisfaction is achieved with more natural sounding components. The big problem... 
Why are there so many wooden box speakers out there?
By far the most natural sounding speakers I’ve ever heard are recent Wilson Audios. They have paid attention to time alignment for decades, and refined the cabinet materials to dramatically reduce cabinet vibration, minimizing distortion. I don’t ... 
DACs that do well without a preamp
I find reading this forum somewhat humorous. When I was young, I thought the preamp was more important than the power amp. It’s job is amplifying < 2 volts, so it has a proportionally large impact. Real world experience with how different amps ... 
At this level of high(er) end audio why not offer balanced connections?
I only know me truly high end manufacturer who does’t - Spectral - and they d sign their system end to end  - you need their cables! Boulder requires XLR , and Ayre includ s it, DCS, as well.  
Mágico M6 vs Big Wilson speakers
I don't believe anyone who has heard current large Wilson Audio speakers would put any Magico product in the same league. Beyond the many years difference in experience, you have two facts: aluminum rings and speakers without ports cannot produce ... 
Advise before I regret
The Premiers are a step down. The excellent Prestige series replaced the Studio series. I have listenened to the Prestige 75fs with a Boulder 866, fed by a DCS Bartók. The 75, 85, 95fs are unbelievably good. The Premiers are as cheap as they can m... 
Should I got full tubes or stick with hybrid amps?
I have never heard a hybrid that wasn’t the worst of both. I am picky, as I had a wonderful CJ tube preamp for decades, but the only tube piece I’d consider under $5k is the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III. Separated only make sense if your budget i... 
DAC's Made in the USA
If you want the best sounding DAC, near your price, get an Ayre Codex. It is the only boy thing they have made in China, but then, it is thousands cheaper than their better gear, and worlds better than Schiit (any flavor)! 
Preamp SS to match class D amp
Get an Ayre Ex8 and ditch the class d and you’ll have music again! 
A move from Harbeth to... Wilson?
The Wilsons are an order of magnitude better speakers. They are the lowest distortion, most dynamic and resolving speakers, the most lifelike speakers anywhere near their price. Anyone who thinks they are HiFi sounding has not listened to current ... 
Best 40 to 50k used speakers
A new pair of Wilson Audio Sasha DAWs will far outperform any used speakers!!!!! 
spend on the streamer or on the DAC ?
Ayre QX-8 does both and is far better sound quality than others at this level!