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Amps I Like
I'm good with my Luxman Class A, but I'm curious. Has anyone ever heard a class D amp that did not sound thin, digital and without soul? 
$1300-1500 DAC
The Ayre Codex, at $1800 new, is the most musical I've heard under $5k!It transformed my system from very good hifi, to true audiophile grade. I can't recommend it highly enough. Of course their QX-8 is better at nearly $6k, but the Codex is simil... 
High value, giant killer speakers?
Wilson Audio Sasha DAWs vs anything! 
What are some of the most underrated and overrated loudspeakers you’ve auditioned?
Avanti1960s list - perfect!under Joseph Audio. 
Best speakers for max. $3000?
In my experience, you can’t top the Paradigm Prestige 75Fs for dynamics, resolution and balance at this level! 
I wonder why......
I just replaced a customer's stock power cord on a $25k amplifier with a $3k Shunyata Sigma. The difference was immediate and obvious. A few hours later the customer called me to tell me how happy he was, how much he was enjoying his music. When h... 
New DAC or New Streamer or New Streamer/DAC
All the Aurilic stuff sounds overly digital - I had much better experience using my Roon Nucleus to feed my DAC. I also can't fathom adding tube noise to a DAC! I'm pretty sure my Ayre Codex sounds better at $1100 lower cost. 
Anyone else attend the California Audio Show in Oakland?
I re-learned one thing I already knew - Nordost cables are in your face, bright and lack depth! I was surprised at how few good sounding rooms there were. The venerable Joseph Audio speakers were in one of the best. The only new to me speakers tha... 
Tidal vs Hi Res Files vs CD vs “Netflix”. My test. Incredible!
I've no doubt your reclocker and such are degrading the signal. I tried several "affordable" forum inspired steps before I decided I could afford a decent DAC. Now I have a Roon Nucleus feeding an Ayre Codex. I listen to much more expensive digita... 
Looking for a good full range floor stander
Other speakers might control the room better, but for getting lost in the musical pleasure, my money would certainly go for a pair of Wilson Audio Sabrinas. Those are not for GAS people, but for those who truly love music! 
Metal cabinet speakers
Magicos are the most lifeless sounding expensive speakers I've ever heard. The idea of making a ringing speaker is hideously dim. The idea of paying writers to tout them obviously not so dim. 
Speaker recommendation thread (Organised by tiers of price)
This one is easy.$1k-$5kParadigm Prestigee 15B,75F, 85F, 95F$10k-$20kWilson Audio SabrinasKaya 45$20k-$30kWillson Audio Yvettes$30K-$40KWilson Audio Sasha DAW$50k-$70kWilson Audio Alexxia 2$100k-$200KWilson Audio Alexxover $200kWilson Audio WAMM 
Persona 9h vs S3 mk 2
My only issue with the Personas is that they are close enough the Sasha DAWs, which are far better. The Magicos are the most lifeless, sterile, uninvolving expensive speakers I've ever heard. I'd take the Yvettes over either in a heartbeat! 
Best DAC to go with Aurender N100H?
I like the Aurender a lot. If it were me though, I'd stretch just a bit to get the new Ayre QX-8 (network version). At $5650 it is a Roon end point and exceptionally musical DAC in one box. Aurender's software is nice, but I'd hate to be tied to a... 
Help looking for dynamic warm romantic sound with detail
The sound you are looking for can be had with a Luxman 590 AX II driving Wilson Sabrinas.