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Friend needs advice for $8,000 system
People seem to think any engineer can take off the shelf parts and compete with decades of experience. It is aldehyde the chef, not the ingredients that make magic in audio. 
Friend needs advice for $8,000 system
I’m also thrilled when people add tube noise to a DAC, countering its one advantage over analog. 
Friend needs advice for $8,000 system
OMG! Someone recommended subs. Subs have no place in a good music system until you are way beyond $10k. Much better to have speakers with real bass (no Maggie’s or electrostatics). Subs are not for music, but for its foundation, the hall. 
Friend needs advice for $8,000 system
I love hearing Schiit described as good. I remember that level of inexperience. It was painful. It was really expensive as I kept having to switch stuff out every three months! 
Friend needs advice for $8,000 system
You could also do Concept, Hana EH, Satisfy Black, Cronus Magnum III, 75fs.utterlydestroy the Maggie’s! 
Friend needs advice for $8,000 system
You could achieve goals if you ace the Maggie’s.Clearaudio Concept, Luxman 550AXII,Paradigm 75Fs.Cant do it with Magnepan at any price. 
Should I sell my DAC
At $1800, the Ayre Codex is dramatically better than the Oppo, and everything else I've seen in this thread. You might be able to find a used one. 
You just won a $5,000 audio gear only gift card
That’s easy - a Clearaudio Performance DC!Or for convenience for me sweetheart, an Ayre QX-8. 
So What Is Real?
All you who revel in your ignorance make me laugh. I suppose mostly you have mid-fi systems with insufficient resolution to allow differences to be heard.It is ironic that some of the greatest audiophiles (Dave Wilson) were recording engineers fru... 
Higher End DACs
DCS Bartok is by far the best DAC in your price range. It is the most affordable derivation of the Vivaldi stack. I really suggest you listen to the Rossini, just above at $24k, but that one is magic. The Ayre QX 5 Twenty is really nice at $10k. H... 
So What Is Real?
I truly feel sorry for all whose ideas prevent them from empirical tests. I feel sorry for those who believe scientists know all there is to know about physical reality and about human hearing. I feel sorry for those who can't hear the difference ... 
confused and don't know what to do
The B&Ws are bright - I literally can't listen to them! Paradigm has made affordable audiophile class speakers for decades.They also have a complete line of really good in-ceiling, in-wall and subwoofers. I would check out the Prestige series.... 
Stereophile, Pass Integrated and personal taste
Nelson was a great designer a long time ago. Now, not so much. Not surprising, since he left the refining fire that is competitive commercial products long ago.Have you folks seen what kind of sources he uses and speakers he outputs to these days? 
Power Cable from wall to my conditioner?
If sound quality is what you are after, choose from a manufacturer with decades of empirical data compiled: whatever Transparent Audio power cable you can afford, or likewise from Shunyata Research. I can and have made good sounding power cables, ... 
Moving up from a Node 2i
One of the better upgrades I've made to the digital front end of my system was getting a Roon Nucleus to feed my DAC. Anyone who says the streamer makes no difference is speaking from lack of experience (or lack of resolution in their system). In ...