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Help settle a streaming argument!
It seems logical that the streamer (or CD transport) should not matter, but my experience has been (in both cases) that it does.  
Speaker Cable Recommendation
Cables can't fix the room. I second the Mogami or Canare recommendations and suggest you consider using the funds saved to add a little acoustic treatment to the room. Carpets, drapes, acoustic panels, bass traps, whatever. GIK or ASC will make pl... 
XLR cables for a reasonable price?
I have had my XLR cables made up by ProAudioLA (a pro-audio shop in Los Angeles) for years now. You can have them made with Neutrik XLRs and Mogami W2549 cable and will be hard pressed to get better results than that. Similar cables are now sold o... 
Room Acoustics
You could ask GIK where to start if you want only half as many panels. In other words, take their advice as a starting point, not the final word. Perhaps you are not looking for perfection, just some improvement in the biggest problems, and withi... 
Class D amplifiers. What's the future look like?
If they renamed it "Class AA," it would sell a lot better. IMO, it's not the sound quality holding back wider adoption. Manufacturers and audiophiles are somewhat conservative as a group.  
They know we will pay anything they can think of
@frankmc195 - I'm afraid all significant tax cuts have gone to those much wealthier than I am.  
Acoustic advice re: building a room (in wall or on wall) treatments
I hope your room comes out well. I sure like the dimensions. Building an optimal audio room is not a simple undertaking. Regarding your question: Rockwool will help isolate the room from outside sounds and vice-versa. I recommend it. There are... 
? about Smoking Power Amp
A resistor is a simple passive part, not subject to damage from brief overloads. IME, if a resistor is burns up, it’s because something else shorted and sent way too much power through it. That's the safety concern.  
? about Smoking Power Amp
My suggestion is, have it checked out by a good technician. If that is too expensive for a $150 amp, get a new one. Power amps have large power supplies and relatively large fuses, and it's not unheard of for a failure to result in a fire.  
Recommend me a DAC under 3k
Just to say, not every DAC has a streaming (Ethernet) input. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples.  
Are your listening levels healthy? Doing damage?
The realized SPL for any wattage depends not just on speaker efficiency, but also on various acoustic factors, the most important being the distance between your ears (or the measurement) and the speaker.  
Ruminations On CD Players
Advantage of separate transport and DAC? The same as the advantage of not having your turntable built into your preamp.  
Is usb reclocking necessary?
I used a pretty good one (Mutec MC-3+USB) into a $6k DAC-Preamp on the Stereophile "A" list. There was a positive difference. Then, I got a newer DAC-preamp ($4k), and I found that the reclocker added harshness to the sound. My conclusion: this i... 
KEF LS50 Wireless II vs. Harbeth P3esr
FWIW: I auditioned the original LS50 for my desktop system and settled on the P3ESR, which I've had for almost 10 years now. They are really good speakers!  
Hearing Aids Reduce Dementia Risk