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New classe delta preamp and classe stereo amp?
@duketbrd88 - I should have mentioned, it was the Classé CA-2300. I thought the sound was otherwise outstanding, but in my quiet room, the fan noise was a dealbreaker.  
New classe delta preamp and classe stereo amp?
I tried a previous-generation Classé amp, and I could hear its fan during quiet passages of music. I thought the amp was great otherwise but sent it back to the dealer because I didn't want that noise. Fan bearings don't get quieter as they age, e... 
There is none out there......
Auralic Aries models will rip and play CDs if a USB CD drive is connected. They also have excellent wireless networking. I have owned two and can't fault the sound. If you want a streamer with DAC, look into their Altair series instead.  
Did I Get the Wrong Intel NUC?
Google. Roon has a list of NUCs approved for use with ROCK. If you hope to get ANY support from Roon, you will use one of those models.  
Cannot remove the grills from my Harbeth 30.2XD
My suggestion is, leave them on. Harbeth says they're designed to be used that way. I'm sure others will have suggestions about manhandling them off with a putty knife or some such.  
Why do you care what others like?  
Have you asked yourself this question?
I sold my analog setup about 20 years ago, after I found a DAC that I really liked. That’s not to discount the pleasure one can get from LP, but we had moved many times, and my remaining LP collection was < 200 by then, almost all available on ... 
"I'm a believer"
+1 to the comments by @theo about the room. Speakers interface with the amplifier and the room. Both interfaces must be compatible. With most speakers and short speaker cables and most solid-state amps, pairing with amplification is not a big pr... 
Which is better, a fussy speaker or a versatile one?
It depends. Are you a fussy audiophile or a versatile one?    
Does a particular musician’s songwriting and artistry speak to you above all others?
>> Songwriting, for me, is words/stories, then combine that with Artistry. So Jazz doesn’t fit for me even though Jazz is my main thing for many years. << It seems to me that Abbey Lincoln (definitely a jazz singer) fits your definiti... 
Does a particular musician’s songwriting and artistry speak to you above all others?
Joseph Haydn would be the one.  
Are cable “upgrades” just as likely to make your system sound worse?
Yes, and you poorer, as well.  
Shipping woes and a partial solution
Thanks! I like it!  
Female vocals
P.S. +1 @bojack on Shirley Horn and Rosemary Clooney. I'd add Carmen McRae, Betty Carter, and Abbey Lincoln. All their voices took on a lot of richness as the singers got older.  
Female vocals
There’s the sex appeal. Also, male vocals can reveal problems in the lower midrange of speakers and systems. This is a frequency range that can be badly affected by the room. Lately, at least in jazz (what I tend to listen to), there are many more...