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Why are these called 5 way binding posts? I count four!
  I'm not sure how legit this is, but it says that the fifth method is an alligator clip (#2).  
Thinking of Magnepan ... finally!
@bdp24  Adding a sub or two to almost any planar will result in improvements in a couple of ways. Most importantly, relieved of reproducing bass, the Maggie "woofers" will now reproduce the midrange in a noticeably improved manner. The speaker w... 
HiRes lossless FLAC Radio streams
Is there an affordable all in one Flac burning appliance?
I'm confused.  Are you trying to burn CDRs or perform DAE (digital audio extraction) from CDs?  
Streamer upgrade? follow up.
the Node is good enough to discover new artist via streaming.  do i want to pay thousands for something like an Aruender?  nope. i can get just as good sound quality by purchasing and downloading the same  lossless file from Presto if i really re... 
Ultrasonic record cleaners
@reubent I use the recipe shown here with success.  I then do two rinses with a vacuum machine.    
Streamer upgrade? follow up.
@ianrmack  I certainly WOULD give it a try but I need WiFi connection and have a perfect 800mb connection. Lumin, aurender, auralic all require direct Ethernet and that would be a pain as I have a 120 yo home with thick brick walls.    can aur... 
Streamer upgrade? follow up.
@ianrmack  and can’t imagine a much cleaner result. I think that's a common reaction to new upgrades, but the fact of the matter is that there's always something better. I considered an LPS for my Node but ended up getting a different streame... 
Audiophile Switch with Clock?
In other words - please ignore the sane voices in the hobby! In other words, please ignore the people who are not speaking from actual experience.  
Help optimizing my streaming setup
Thanks, @lalitk.  I appreciate your and everyone else's advice!  The power cord on the Aurender in an AQ NRG-Y3 and the one on the DAC is a factory-style one, albeit very beefy.  I have a few Oyaide Black Mambas that I can try on any of the compo... 
Jolida JD100 stock v. modded
Totally stock.  I did a little tube rolling years ago, but didn't hear much of a difference.  My system wasn't very resolving or fine tuned back then, though.  
Streamer upgrade? follow up.
@bh123 - Great post.  I had a similar experience going from a Node 2 to a N100SC.   
Jolida JD100 stock v. modded
@jafant  I have one in my rack but haven’t used it in years since streaming is so good and easy.  
Cartridge setup experts: Azimuth critique
@baylinor & @mijostyn  It seems tilted to the left a bit. No. The stylus is not perfectly perpendicular to the record. It is slightly tilted to the left side of the photo.  Correct.  That is what I see and why I started this thread.  I ... 
Cartridge setup experts: Azimuth critique
The stylus is on a reflective surface, not a record.  I'm not sure that having it on a record would add any value, would it?  If anything, it would eliminate the reflection which would be a worse way of looking at it.  Is it even possible to see t...