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When to choice XLR over RCA ICs.
@atmasphere Can you recommend some good bulk cable?  I'd like to make a few balanced cables to try in my system.  
Polishing a Micro Seiki RT 3000G Gunmetal platter
I may have misinterpreted the question.  but looks like you're getting a variety of anwers.  Good luck. --Jerry Well, the OP didn't say what condition the platter is in, so it's hard to know what it needs.  What you recommended is on point if t... 
Polishing a Micro Seiki RT 3000G Gunmetal platter
@carlsbad2 is right on.  Stopping at 3k will probably give it a very nice finish, but if you want it even shinier, I'd end with a metal polish.  
Considering selling my restored Garrard 301
The motors are all the same, but there are different pulleys for 50Hz and 60Hz.  
Turntable Isolation Journey
Excellent thread!  I just found this educational video on hockey pucks and figured I'd post it 😅    
Eminent Technology ET-2 Tonearm Owners
With the stylus down, how is everyone's I-beam angled?  Is it perfectly horizontal or a little down at the counterweight end?  I have the long I-beam and the counterweight end is currently a little lower than the spindle end, but I really don't se... 
Considering selling my restored Garrard 301
@famoej  I'm simply not a woodworker and my plinth lacks the correctness required to make a 301 sing. It's big and heavy but that does not make it right.  What is your plinth lacking that another would have?  I keep hearing that some plinths a... 
Commercial air travel with a speaker
I can't believe this hasn't been asked yet, but what kind of hifi speaker is 83 pounds and is not part of a stereo pair?  
Looking for intermediate-step Streamer: better than BS Node and not @ Bartok level pricing
OP - I replaced a BS Node with an Aurender N100SC and the Aurender completely destroys the Node in every respect. The same DAC (Border Patrol DAC SE) and cable (Oyaide DR510) were used with each streamer, so it was an apples to apples comparison. ... 
EAT E-Glo Petit
I had a very hard time removing the tubes from mine.  The trick for me was to clean the top of the tubes with alcohol to remove any oils that might have been present and wear clean nitrile gloves.  The increased grip due to the clean tubes and the... 
Eminent Technology ET-2 Tonearm Owners
@forrestc thanks for the info.  I may have to pick up an aluminum goose neck, especially because it sounds like I might not need to go through with a cart alignment after installing it.  I just finished up a painstaking alignment and don't want to... 
Alpha Core Goertz
@pops Thiels are a pain (I had a pair once).  I would attach the Zobels to the amp end if using Thiels. @ozzy I soldered ring terminals to my Zobels to make attaching them a breeze.  You could also use spades.  Easy peasy.  These don't have to be... 
Alpha Core Goertz
@ozzy - I have MI 3s and don’t think they have Zobels built in. I don’t think it’s even an option, but maybe the previous owner of yours had them custom made. Who knows. I tried Zobels on the bass side of my bi-amped system and noticed no differe... 
Alpha Core Goertz
This thread does not match my experience.  I ordered a set of Zobels from them a year or two ago and it was no problem at all.  
Flat copper speaker cables
OP, you can buy some foil inductors, unwind them, and make cables out of the copper foil.  You can also buy copper foil here: