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A quick question on what streamers to consider.......
Aurender is great, but if all you're going to use it for is background music, Aurender is overkill in my opinion and you don't have to spend anywhere near 2-5K.  Do you also have a 2-channel listening room where you actually sit and listen?  
Advice regarding separate DAC purchase
you suddenly have access to millions of albums at nearly zero cost, many of higher resolution, you end up asking… “what was I thinking? Why didn’t I do this years ago. Absolutely.  A streamer is an essential component.  
Humminguru record cleaner
I’m not worried because I don’t have hard water. I can pretty much guarantee that your tap water still has dissolved minerals and who knows whatever else in it no matter how soft you may think it is.  Just grab some distilled or DI at the groce... 
USB Digitil microscope advice
@normb Yep. Removing the clear protector on the front will enable you to turn the black pointy part, which I assume has a lens in it. This will change the magnification. Try it in various positions. Aside from that, everything has to be perfectly... 
Vinyl Records - Shipping, max/min temperatures
Thermostatic Controlled Reptile Heat Mats are quite cheap in the US, these are commonly 12V and will comfortably keep a space heated to a Temp Range of 10 Celcius to 25 Celcius. It would not be too difficult to arrange for these to be used in a ... 
Vinyl Records - Shipping, max/min temperatures
I don't think you have anything to worry about.  If you're paranoid about condensation forming when you open the boxes at the destination, just line the shipping boxes with plastic bags, fill with LPs, and then tie the bag to seal the records.  Wh... 
MICHI 8 Amp(s)
@ozzy did one of the Goertz cables short?  How did that happen?  
Burning CDs of downloaded music
@sealegs I am not familiar with Macs, but I have burned thousands of CDRs on PCs. You need to burn them as audio CDs. It sounds like you burned the .wav files as data. Data CDRs won't play in a regular CD player. Look for audio burning software. ... 
Burning CDs of downloaded music
@sealegs you need to convert it to .wav first.      
Duplicate Serial Numbers
I'd be worried about a manufacturer who can't keep serial numbers straight.  How are they with matching drivers or crossover components?  Can't be good.   
Dc voltage sent to my speakers
If a preamp is outputting a little DC, is it always because of faulty output coupling caps?  Should those caps always be expected to block all DC?  I had one tube preamp that would trip the protection circuit of one of my amplifiers due to DC leak... 
Aurender Conductor V4 issues
Aurender is extremely glitchy, period.  There's an Aurender Facebook group and 50% or more of the posts are complaints.  I hope they figure out their software, because if they don't, it will sink the company.  I recently had an issue with my stre... 
What Holiday Gifts did you ask for or Give to Yourself?
I bought a Bob's Devices SUT a few weeks ago.  It wasn't a Christmas present, but now that I have about 12 hours on it, it's proving to be a very nice gift.  Everything that I play sounds better than ever.  
When to choice XLR over RCA ICs.
Thanks @atmasphere. I already have 2549 single ended ICs at a few location in my system, so converting them to balanced is what I’ll do.  
When to choice XLR over RCA ICs.
@ketchup Mogami Neglex is the gold standard of high quality balanced cables in the studio. They employ oxygen free copper and polyethylene dielectrics (the only thing better perforamance is Teflon, but it does not prevent oxidation of the conduct...