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Turntable dust cover cleaning
Novus #1 is great.  It's supposed to have antistatic properties, so it may work for you.  If the cover is scratched, try #2 or #3 and then #1.  
Duelund conversion to DIY Helix Geometry Cabling
Oops, sorry.  I totally missed that you were looking for bare.  
Duelund conversion to DIY Helix Geometry Cabling
I see 14, 16, and 12 Neotech at Parts Connexion.  
Discuss The Viv Lab Rigid Arm
@lewm  Maybe this indicates that zero tracking angle error is not the Holy Grail some claim it to be. That's the designer's whole point, right? You have to wonder how many people here who are poo-poo'ing the Viv arm have permanent tracking er... 
LP Thickness/Taper
Just measured another one for fun This was a 158 gram Hickory. The thickness of the grooved portion ranged from 0.053" at the beginning of the first track to 0.063" at the end of the last track. This means that the top surface of the LP will be at... 
LP Thickness/Taper
@lewm  Since the angle of incline appears to be constant from outer to inner grooves, seems to me if you set azimuth correctly at any point on the LP surface, there would be no problem related to a changing azimuth angle. You are exactly right.  
LP Thickness/Taper
@theo  I find your picture interesting in that the outer rim is not resting on the turntable platter. Many turntable platters are designed like that because the outer rim of the record is much thicker than the grooved portion.  By hanging the ... 
Vinyl Lovers
@lewm Zerostats actually work by flooding the record with both positive and negative charges, negating whatever charge was on the record originally.  
Vacuuming after ultrasonic vinyl cleaning
I rinse with a repurposed idler drive turntable with a ribbed rubber mat that makes minimal contact with the vinyl.  I then vac with a KAB.  Nothing but the felt lips touch the record surface.  I could not imagine not rinsing with ultrapure water ... 
Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated driving Magnepan .7 with Bypassed Fuses
Personally, I would play the system for a few months with the fuses in place so see if there are any issues.  If you don't blow any fuses during this time, you should feel a little more confident bypassing them.  
Herbies tube damper tightness
If you bought them new, instructions should be there. Open them up so the rings have hardly any deflection. @skids Thanks.  It never occurred to me that such simple devices would have instructions.  I did not buy them new, so I don't have the i... 
Maggie LRS+ terminal issue
Yes, bananas work fine.  Unscrew the set screw, insert the banana, then lightly snug up the set screw on the part of the banana that tapers down.  
Added a LHY OCK 2 to EtherRegen > Bricasti chain
Anybody else think the brookepeterson post was written by AI? I fiddled with Chatbot a little bit and I it’s been the same style. Not saying it’s a crime or anything if it was. Welcome to 2023… That post from brookepeterson is one of the weirde... 
Thinking of Magnepan ... finally!
@ketchup  Sounds interesting.    Any chance of getting a photo so I understand your placement?   @tomrk I just added some pics to my system.  
Thinking of Magnepan ... finally!
3.6R’s, purchased used as a trade-in from a local audio/video store. The price was extremely aggressive since they just wanted to get rid of them (look up the used price online and it was 1/3 of that). Yes, these particular speakers need a lot o...