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Good or Best Surge Protector
A high current shunt at the power meter/breaker box  and a heavy duty isolation transformer.    https://www.richardgrayspowercompany.com/surge-protection/   https://www.richardgrayspowercompany.com/products/substation-rm-pro/        
FM Tuners
Highly recommend Magnum Dynalab.   
Don Sachs older D2 preamp vs his new version
No offense taken, he said she said, however he told me specifically that if you weren't in his current build queue he's not building anymore, and if you are in his queue, please be patient as now he's only spending about 30-40% time working.  YMMV... 
Don Sachs older D2 preamp vs his new version
I cant comment on the comparisons, however, Don is currently not taking any more orders for newly built gear. I've been in line for his Custom Phono stage and waiting for him to complete it.      
audio clubs in CT?
CT Audio Society, which I am a member, is currently on hiatus with in person meetings and we are conducting ZOOM's in place. I guess eventually we will start meeting in person again when the time is right.    
What would be good preamp to run McCormick dna1
I'm driving a recently completely upgraded DNA-1.0 with a Mark Levinson Model 26 preamp. The results are very good. My speakers are a pair of restored German Physiks Borderlands MK1 which like high current SS.        
Carver 275 Crimson tube amp --- any feedback appreciated
The question to ponder is whether or not your   Spatial Audio Hologram M4 Triode Master speakers need an amp with high current output and control that SS offers. Like your DNA-0.5. If they do, the Carver will certainly fall short. I tried driving... 
McCormack DNA 0.5 Gold or what?
Labtec "Thus, they are near the end of their useful life and will have to be replaced anyway. "Not true, I have a DNA-1 with a gold upgrade done around 2004 and Steve recommended just plug it in an play. No need to fix anything that's not broken!    
Need A Top Quality Repair Service For My Vintage Luxman Amplifier
Where are you located?  
German Physiks - Listening Impressions Wanted
I just got done restoring a pair of Borderland Mark 1's (new DDD's from factory), these are my first Omni's, and I love them. However, they are very current hungry and work better with SS, so I rolled the dice and tried powering them with a McCorm... 
Output Caps For Dehavilland Ultraverve
Just found the info in the thread,  
Output Caps For Dehavilland Ultraverve
Do you have the specs on the Duelund bypass caps? I looked above in the thread and only noticed 0.33 uF value, but no Duelund type description...Thanks.     
Output Caps For Dehavilland Ultraverve
Hi HIFIBUG, would you care to share the pics of the cap replacement? I have an UV 3 with stepped attenuator. jaynemo@sbcglobal.net  
Aerial 7T/6 vs Vandersteen Quatro/Treo/2Ce Sig II
Keep me posted when the Treo'arrive!-Jay 
Bob Carver LLC Black Beauty Review
Milsap, how much is he charging you for the mods?