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Legacy Audio AERIS: RMAF/listening impressions?
CT, not sure where to find ur email 
Legacy Audio AERIS: RMAF/listening impressions?
Hey CT, I went thru the same motions with AudioEtc.when I was moving from the Focus HD to the SE. Although the SE's they had were demos' and old style, ie no AMT-sounded horrible thru the Rotel equipment- they should rethink demoing Legacy's with ... 
Bob Carver LLC has been purchased by Emotiva
does anyone have a shcematic for the 180's? I looked on the Carver site and the schematic was for the 305? 
Emo dumps Carver, the Carver site is down.
Well, the warranty support...we shall see. Hope I never have to go there. I have had mine for a year now with no issues. They drive my Legacy Focus SE's with ease, and mate well with my DeHavilland UV3 preamp. Another tidbit of info, that maybe we... 
Emo dumps Carver, the Carver site is down.
As an owner of a pair of 180's bought pre-Emo, my dealer stated to me yesterday that Emo is honoring the 7 year repair warranty of anything related to BC, LLC aquistion, ie 180, 305, etc. At least that is the situation for now. Its interesting bec... 
Bob Carver LLC has been purchased by Emotiva
I see a lot of banter going on regarding the warranty on Bob Carver LLC, products, ie the Cherry 180 & Black Beauty 305, etc. Has anyone checked with thier dealer? Well I did. My dealer confirmed that Emotiva is honoring the 7 year warranty on... 
Legacy SE versus Vandersteen Quatros
Awesome imaging-pin point holographic "center" of sound, especially with vocals. 
Isolation transformer
I installed a Richard Gray SubStation Pro, 220/110 stepped down, balanced power ISOTransformer, on a dedicated 220 V line and havent looked back. A measley 50 watts of parasitic power on 150 pound of windings is no issue for me. I also have the RG... 
Voltage regulation
Is your solution if within your budget. Always used units for sale at A-gon 
Legacy Speakers??
Got sold on Legacy Focus when I bought a pair of used originals locally. Owned them for a few years and upgraded to the HD's when they first came out, mated with Manley NEO250's are bliss. Great speaker for the money. Drove 4 hours to audition the... 
What is the best power cable under $200.00 retail?
I have had good luck with PS Audio's entry level AC-3, at $200 limit you could step up into the AC-5 
Any Legacy Focus SE owners out there ?
I own the HD's- see my virtual system on this site. I have about 300+ hrs on mine and they are starting to come alive. Mine are about 7 feet apart with almost 40 degrees of toe in for a listening position of about 9 feet. About 3 feet off the back... 
Stand out phono stages
Love this one! Still breaking in at only 10 hours 
The Hub: Okay. It's all my fault.
The whole world needs a lot more levity. Lets show them that audiophools and philes alike can cohabibate!