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Music I would succumb to under torture
This is a very Interesting version of 'Us and Them' by Anne Bisson.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj0DeArcxTQhaha...... 
File Under Misc. Audio Musings--Do any famous/infamous people qualify as audiophiles?
David Mellor QC - apparently has 35,000 cd's at home. I am betting he must have a decent system.  
Klipsch!. The worst speaker company, EVER?
One more thing about how horrible Klipsch is.... I had a bad mid driver and instead of just sending the diaphram they sent the whole drive unit. I then bought a diaphram from Simply Speakers and now have a new driver on deck should anything ev... 
Best CDs
I have the 2011 remastered version of Achtung baby by U2 and it sounds rather good.  Don't know about the original CD though.  
Bluesound Node 2i Question
@gdnrbob-I had two call backs from Bluesound, the first they left a message on my voicemail, the second call i answered and the guy did remote assistance on my Imac and fixed my issue, so far. If the problem rears its ugly head  again then he told... 
Klipsch!. The worst speaker company, EVER?
@robert53- Interesting comments you have made. Obviously our ears and end goals in hi-fi are different for the particular sound/s that we want. Mr Hughes being a reviewer I presume has listened to many speakers in his time since 1989 when he revie... 
Your favorite male soul voices
Nat King Cole. 
Klipsch!. The worst speaker company, EVER?
Its a damn shame that PWK is not with us today with all the technology etc that would be at his disposal, I am sure he would be able to make a killer horn to rival anything out there. I am surprised he never made the mid range horn with a larger d... 
Klipsch!. The worst speaker company, EVER?
With a name like 'Rossi', he is of Italian extraction. Maybe. There is a joke about the shape of italy. For fear of upsetting my mother, I will refrain from saying it....... 
Klipsch!. The worst speaker company, EVER?
@thehorn- lest not forget he is writing for an UK mag and therefore catering mostly for UK readers, whose houses/apartments etc are not as generally large enough to take accommodate huuuuge loudspeakers, not forgetting UK women are less tolerant o... 
Cd's to make a come back in the future?
Or if you listen whilst having an out of body experience. There is some good sh1t out there for that kind of experience....so i am told. 
Klipsch!. The worst speaker company, EVER?
Mr Rossi, from what I have heard him say is that he bids on garages that people have let go presumably people have not paid the monthly bill. He has said he bid on a garage and won the bid of $240. He said it was full of vintage 'old' equipment. h... 
What was your favorite musical artist best album?
Fields of the Nephilim-ElyziumSopor Aeternus- Have you seen this ghost?Marianne Faithfull- Broken English. 
Music I would succumb to under torture
No succumbing needed, just don't listen to it if you don't like it.Don't dwell on the negatives, utilize the positives. 
Klipsch!. The worst speaker company, EVER?
@jburidan- I to know a fair few audiophiles that would not touch a horn sqweaker with a barge pole. I know three personally that would and do. Its true nothing stirs the hi-fi blood more than horns, except maybe Tekton speakers. @helomech- Klipsch...