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Trained ears.
I was playing the Bach CD only the other week and it is superb sounding. JL wasTruly a great pianist. I will look into the zoom 6 digital recorder, its small and easy to slip into the house unnoticed. Thanks for the tip... 
Trained ears.
I am a die hard Horn Loudspeaker lover as they portray music as I like to hear it. having said that I heard some .7 Magnepans playing solo piano and that sound floated my boat very much.  
Trained ears.
Thanks for all the great advice chaps!. I did borrow a reel to reel tape deck with my bands music that we recorded in a studio as well as recording my own piano at home, a longgggggg time ago. The sound through my Impulse H1's Horn speakers was re... 
Phillip Glass Fans
No mention of Akhnaten? His music on piano is like playing 'Czerny Studies', very repetitive.  
Is OPPO worth the inflated price?
My money Invested on a CD player would go to Arcam (probably).I've never heard the OPPO player. 
Best song for immediate impact when presenting or testing?
Frankie Goes to Hollywood-  Welcome to the Pleasure Dome; the whole album. 
RIP- Jacques Loussier
His adapations were musically very clever.  
$10k Speaker Cables??????????????
Is there any "audiophile grade" Reggae out there on CD?
The Harry J Allstars.Peter ToshUB40  Brummie ReggaeBad manners UK Ska 
CD Got Absolutely Crushed By Vinyl
£20k of CD player to listen to the rubbish like the Daft Punk Hey Chakster, who are you to say what people can listen to and like? 
$10k Speaker Cables??????????????
What I want is a Taco Bell taco that has all that stuff they show in the ads Have you been taking in by false advertising? lol 
Your ship just came in! time to buy new gear..?
56k would be put towards student loans, sadly...... 
Klipsch!. The worst speaker company, EVER?
I purchased a pair of Klipschorns without ever listening to a pair of any of the Klipsch lineup, past or present. It was worth the outlay of $2300 as the Klipschorns for all their faults, there are equally positives added to the mix of these louds... 
Music I would succumb to under torture
@tatyana69- a couple of hours? you have a seriously high pain tolerance.  
Decent DAC/Streamer
SimAudio Moon 280d. That’s all you need I think the OP's budget is $1000.