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Kids during audition - aaaaagh!!
@ erik_squires - I am blessed in so many ways, but my 'other' family are all 4300 miles away scattered around Europe. The biggest problem here is that everyone is so busy trying to make a crust, so family /friend gatherings are really confined to ... 
Kids during audition - aaaaagh!!
If we are honest its only us older folk who are interested in Loudspeakers bigger than a cell phone. Virtually all my relatives and friends have no CD's and no system to play them on. Although my son in law was Impressed with ZZ Top-Le Grange when... 
Low End Bliss
Nice cabin and even nicer dog. Four dogs and Two cats here. We have a Lab/Pit Mix (the vet thinks). She's bonkers, in a good way.  All members of the 'family' are from the local rescue shelter.  
Cd's to make a come back in the future?
Tape is a natural medium. It breathes  But is it organic?.......lol 
Which is the best audio magazine?
Hi-Fi Choice and reviewer Johnny Darko.I'll add 'Z reviews' on youtube to. 
New Amps Arrived...
King Crimson-Live In Vienna,3 drummers with 3 drum kits, should be a good test. 
Asking for help - Please! How to play CD's in car with no CD player!
What about if your wife does not like your music choice? 
Klipsch!. The worst speaker company, EVER?
Cessaro Zeta's are between 320,000euros and 460,000euros a pair.Whilst they probably sound excellent, that is a lottery win amount of money. With ancillaries we are probably close to the $1m dollar range......They do look lovely though. 
Are todays digital recordings engineered to sound best on a smartphones?
@n80- I apologize, I do not have the CD ’the best of everything’ or the studio versions of either Tedeshi Trucks or Gary Clark jr so I cannot comment on those. I think its not a case of Improving something that is not there, just making what is th... 
Chinese fake cables How fake, how good?
Thank goodness no one is faking Monster cables..... 
Are todays digital recordings engineered to sound best on a smartphones?
I have Tedeshi Trucks live, Gary Clark Live, and I am listening to Tom petty 'Hypnotic'  right now and I will have to respectfully disagree that the recordings  I have of these three artists are bad.  
Thinking about buying new speakers....the Elac Uni Fi5 towers or the Klipsch hersery lll
I can't imagine any Klipsch speaker that would compare to good to great speakers. Keep Imagining.....  
Is there any "audiophile grade" Reggae out there on CD?
Something a little different, here are two French reggae groups;Spook and the Guay-ocho Rioshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j03YX9WOqT4 marcel et son orchestrehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZQmSsOD_xk 
Phillip Glass Fans
I perosnally would not mention Glass in the same sentence as Chopin. I like Glass, Chopin is in a totally different class though......IMHO. 
Trained ears.
I heard a drum kit being recorded with a Roland BR600 little mixer just using the Internal mics of the BR600. Was Impressive Indeed.