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The Most Amazing Song
Its blocked on my PC because of copyright reasons in the US.Guess I need a VPN......lol 
Technology in speakers....
My old Linn DMS Isobariks loudspeakers from the mid 80's can be equalled and bested by loudspeakers for $500 or less that are new. today. IMHO.  
How many of you had been to all 50 states of United States.
Only 3 states for me. Will in the future travel all around the US on a motorbike or in a motor home. Not while we still have pets though.  
Selling Meridian System
Google the Items. 
Is this the real life, or just death on 2 legs?
Shame Queen never played Bohemian Rhapsody all the way through live, as far as I know. I wonder why they didn't just hire the singers able to do the 'operatic' bit when they did gigs......biggest disappointment for me. No Freddie, no Queen. Simple... 
Is this the real life, or just death on 2 legs?
Nothing wrong with the bands you mention!  
Is this the real life, or just death on 2 legs?
mental-Each to their own, but did you really give enough time to form a true opinion within 5 minutes?  
Lets replace my Klipsch La Scala Speakers
Gosh, you are going to cause people who add to this thread some serious head scratching with your budget  and with the amps you have.I would try and listen to a pair of heresy III as suggested by the wolf man. Instead of a Rel, you could try a sea... 
Will a subwoofer add depth and clarity to my system, or just bass?
The human audible hearing range is 20Hz to 20,000Hz No one on Audiogon I bet, lol 
How much would I lose going to a Bluesound Node 2i
@mental-There are some excellent sounding Internet radio stations with quality to satisfy most Hi-Fi  connoisseurs. IMHO.Bluesound's catering at the lower end of the price spectrum are all excellent bargains new, and better than sliced bread used... 
Kids during audition - aaaaagh!!
Kids running around bothering adults? Back in the day parents knew how to explain it to them. One more for the "General Decline of Civilization" files. Civilization? I think you have the wrong planet......lol 
B&W 802D tweeter replacement
That’s not very helpful and why I don’t like forums. I’ll get advice elsewhere Bye............................... 
I'm more concerned about hearing damage from riding a sports bike than when cranking the stereo. So much so that I wear ear buds whenever I get on my bikes. 
I Think We Can All Agree...
Ford will do it and the other truck makers will better it.....maybe. 
I Think We Can All Agree...
That's quite neat as all Fords end up being rather stationary.....lol