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Why is it that every time, lately, that I'm interested in a thread...
I find this discussion highly compelling! 😂  
Speakers that are good with tubes
Here is the "tube friendly" speaker article....   https://www.dhtrob.com/overige/tubefriendly_lsp_en.php  
Speakers that are good with tubes
I recently read an article that discusses this very topic. It is very enlightening because it dispels the myth of sensitivity ratings and explains why that is not what you want to consider. When I get home and in front of my computer I will post it.  
After fifty years… amazing. What high end audio can be.
@ghdprentice What? You haven’t heard? The earth is definitely flat now. We’ve had it wrong all these years. 🙄  
After fifty years… amazing. What high end audio can be.
I use only triangle wire in my system. In side by side tests it bested round, rectangular and square wire. The equilateral sides create a synergy that.....Oh for cripes sake, someone always has to rain on the parade don’t they? Congratulations ghd... 
The revolution has begun!
I suppose this digital amp requires digital speakers.  
Audio Note Speaker Kits
Here's the bottom line. I believe I have located a kit. I never wanted cabinets because it was my intention to build my own. I think I am all set. Now I have to figure out the veneer to use. Hmmmm!  
Audio Note Speaker Kits
These kits are no longer available unless from a third party. I am familiar with GR Research. Thanks!  
Snell Type A speakers
There are a pair of A2's on Ebay right now in very nice condition for $400.00. So I would say the ones you are talking about would be worth very little by comparison. Just search "Snell Speakers" on EBAY and you'll see them.  
Please share pics of what inside YOUR power conditioners
@bigtwin Yup, that’s the one I use! @kota1 The challenge there is replacing those deuterium crystals. 😜  
What am I missing?
I think it’s important in this conversation to include the artists who create the music. Whatever format you use, please remember that we have to support the artists or there won’t be music to listen to.  
Ditching Class A Amps due to Heat - Sort of a Poll
I tan a Plinius class A amp for a while but it seemed to lack power. Switched to class A/B not because of heat but performance. I like the A/B much better.  
Amp pairing with Tannoy Turnberry?
I recently watched a review on YouTube that mentioned the Audio Note I Zero. People who heard it were astonished at the sound and it’s quite affordable. May be worth some research.   https://www.audionote.co.uk/i-zero  
Toroidal vs EI power amps any difference.
Simplest Linear PSU?
Hmm, no love here for SBooster?