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Symptoms of UN-CLEAN power
I understand what you’re saying now. So basically you are relying on the power supply of each component to "clean-up" the AC before converting it to DC. Does that waveform need cleaning? What about fluctuations in voltage or EMF on the waveform? C... 
Symptoms of UN-CLEAN power
Balanced power is not a “cleaner”. It is a design principle that is explained in the Equi-Tech white paper. This is completely irrelevant when it comes to DC current from a storage source. How are you powering equipment with DC? Or did I miss some... 
Symptoms of UN-CLEAN power
If you use a power conditioner that offers balanced power it will eliminate noisy AC. Just do a search online. One source is the Equi-Tech website. Once you understand what it does you won’t go back.  
Very helpful, thanks John. As a matter of fact, that unit you mentioned is on my watchlist. I had pretty much decided on that when I ran across the Coincident. It has won numerous awards and seems to be quite special also. It would be fun to have ... 
I want more bass…
@baylinor I agree with your assessment of subs and thank you for your comments of my system. I swear there is a synergy between Plinius gear and Legacy speakers. But I don’t want to hijack this thread. We should focus on the OP’s issue.  
I want more bass…
I didn’t think 300B’s were a great bass performer but I’m not a tube expert. I would try an amp that you could roll with KT120’s. You may give up a little midrange sweetness but they can drive your low end. Or, you could try a hybrid tube amp such... 
I want more bass…
@baylinor I respectfully disagree. I'm sitting here right now listening to Afrocelt Sound System on my Legacy Focus SE's and the bass is shaking the room. They play down to 18hz, no sub required!  
Speaker of My House…!
@sc2 You beat me to it, the Legacy Aeris was the first thing that came to mind.  
A perfect song? What are your choices?
“We are the priests of the temples of Syrinx all the gifts of life are held within our walls…”  
Speakers with deep/powerful bass
Yes, all the time. Legacy Audio Focus SE’s. They’ll rattle windows if you let them.  
Hey, I'm looking for the highest quality recordings from the following Artists:
Take a look at the Steve Hoffman forum for best recording recommendations.  
DIY Steampunk Tube Amplifier, feedback please :)
I really like the design. I think you should mount a vu meter on some pipe to accent the steam punk design!  
Ultimate stereo nightmare
I’m interested to know if Jasmine works out. Hopefully she’ll surprise you!  
Interesting situation! Do we need this....
I would say it must be a good amp! I have heard midfi speakers driven with high end gear and they sounded really good as a result.   
Which Line Level, Balanced Preamplifier?
One brand that is very much overlooked here in the states is Plinius. Very powerful and musical at the same time. I have two systems powered by Plinius and am very happy with each. Some claim it’s as close to tubes as you can get in SS.