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Plinus vs. Burmester amps
Thanks Apdoc, I appreciate your comments. I realize there are likely few people who have heard both of these amps so any comparison is good. My concern with the Plinius is the heat issue and the hour or so warm up time for class A. Burmester seems... 
Plinus vs. Burmester amps
Hmmm, no takers. I am considering the Plinius sa-103 or SA Reference or the Burmester 956mk2 or 911mk3. If anyone has experience with this gear, I would appreciate any feedback you may have. 
DAC woes - what to do
I would be happy to sell you my Cambridge Audio 840C for $900.00. It has a built in dac and sounds great! Check reviews on this unit. Oh, and the toslink connection works great! 
Father's Day For An Audiophile
Well, my gift was something that plugs into the wall only occasionally. I just received an I-pad mini to use to navigate my Sonos. Other than that NADA. ;) 
Hegel Amplifiers
Can anyone compare Hegel amps with Plinius? Both are on my short list and I have read very good reviews of both. Thanks!