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Dedicated mains supply unexpected result
Dedicated mains supply unexpected result
Thank you for the responses, I have not replied untill now¬† so I had a chance to carry out some of the suggestions from posts to the thread (some of which seem to have disappeared?) and get the electrican back. Anyway cleaned all the connections ... 
Best DAC’S $5k to $15k
I had a Lampizator Golden Gate, the sound could be tailored by tube rolling. I now have the Mola Mola coupled with a Grimm MU1 streamer which soubd tremendous. The streamer is as important as the DAC.  
15k for streamer and dac....how much on each?
You could get a Grimm MU2 streamer/DAC. I have the streamer only and it is excellent.  
Sweet Sounding DAC
If you are looking for something warmish, sweet even then Lampizator can produce excellent results. I had a play back designs MPS 5¬† sacd/dac which¬† was replaced with a Lampizator golden gate, much better. The GG was tunable with different valve c... 
How much does a DAC do the more expensive it is?
The DAC is important, however improving the streamer/source I think is just as important. I have owned a few DACs and they all sounded different but all were improved when supplied with a better digital supply.  
Do I buy an upscale TT?
I had a¬† Kuzma XL Dc, 2 arms, 4pt and ref 313 , various carts including an atlas. It was my ultimate TT , carefully isolated, it sounded great. Along the way I built a sophisticated streamer coupled with a lampizator dac and it sounded as good, so... 
Why didn't I sell my vinyl rig?
I found the quality of the streamer¬† used made a huge difference to my digital set up. Moving away from a standard mac or windows computer/laptop was a big improvement.  
If you had $12k / £10k to upgrade your analogue front-end...
The technics SL1200G is excellent for the price. I managed a comparison with a Rega 10, I preferred the direct drive. I did have a very expensive Vinyl set up with a Kuzma XL dc and 4pt arm which I had to sell due to moving house. The Technics ma... 
Want to add vinyl to my system.
I can only but agree with¬†mijostyn. I am a record collector from the 70s, have reduced my collection to around 1200 or so now. I would not bother with vinyl now if strarting from scratch. I had a superb vinyl setup, kuzma XLDC, 4pt, Atlas, Ypsil... 
Why Purchase A CD Player or Transport ?
I used to think that CD was better than using a streamer having a playback designs SCAD player and this was the case for some years. However I built a dedicated 2 box computer/streamer following the audiophilestyle forum for advice. It took a whil... 
Analog vs. digital
Analog vs. digital
ha ha yes indeed $75000 and $16000 - crazy that we spend those amounts!!  
Analog vs. digital
I had a $75 analog set up and my digital gear with diy streamer and commercial DAC (together $16) equalled, sometimes bettered, analogue. However LPs that were recorded in analogue eg 50s, 60s, 70s jazz were generally ¬†preferred depending on the m... 
If you want the utmost clarity from your CDs
The audio desk CD lathe is excellent.