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Why HiFi manufacturers don't make active crossovers anymore?
I use passive and active together . I would be scared to death to turn on my system without a passive in place to provide protection to my 076 and 077 tweeters . I use active  to make the first split to biamp . The high end of the split goes to th... 
Audioquest Dragon Powercord vs Hurricane
People get ear blind  to their over all sound. It ends up reflecting off surfaces of their room and only so much you can do to convert a closed in carport into critical listening area. After spending more money than the wife knows about, you want ... 
Do I have my power cords in the right spot?
Try listening to tracks in which your system doesnt shine so well . If you test with tunes that sound good on any setup then you will strain too hard to tell the difference. . 
Carver, THE standard of excellence IMO
So which one of us is Bob? 
AMP or Preamp
I would start with amps first. 2 large mono blocks and 2 mono block tubes. Once you have your base , go for a preamp that best suits your needs. A cherry on top sort of speak.  
A little History lesson on, "High- End" cables:
I dont think they assume people on average would be. The business plan only requires selling a couple pairs a year .    
A little History lesson on, "High- End" cables:
Agreed , well put .  
speaker plinths
I use a 24” square piece of slate 3/4” thick on top of a piece of closed cell white foam that showed up as packing material. I set my 4430 on top of that on top of my subs so i could isolate them with weight and suspension. Worked well.  
A little History lesson on, "High- End" cables:
The way i see it is if the name is some kind of made up, long Fancy pants name. I pay no attention to it . Snake oil. Lets see some technical back up , they can't or the jig is up .  So if electrical signal moves at the speed of light. And compute... 
A little History lesson on, "High- End" cables:
Removed *and replaced with eye rolling .  
Any cable delivers more bass than Cardas Golden Reference?
Everything always sounds better after laying down big bucks to be assured you are hearing everything you cant.  
I wonder why......
Be fun to A/B test cords blindly on an “audiophile “ . Like myth busters. I’ve had cord salesmen tell me theyve heard systems with various cords that repelled them and that they had to leave the room . . If only they would spend half as much on a ... 
Best budget preamp for my entry level system?
Youre better off surfing local classifieds . Finding something that was not bad but is now 300 bucks. I hate seeing people throw away money for half measures and circulating junk around . I would wait and find something local for 500 bucks . Which... 
Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8...OMG!!
My no name in wall speaker cable that i bought in a 500ft roll sounds insane so i can only imagine what something with a name that long is trying to claim.  
The term "High End" needs to die. Long live Hi-Fidelity!
I breeze past discussions on here that sound like they are of particularly good hearing and for all to stay tuned on what they think next . Get over yourself . Dont care . I’m not sure what to call myself . I have alot of gear. Mostly older 70s -2...