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Dreaming of a DIY 8W Class A amp designed by Nelson Pass?
This thread is unreadable . The truly bored seem to be taking the bait from each other . Thanks Eric for passing on the info for Nelsons diy kit . I think it is great that nelson is a man of the people . I have forwarded the info to some of my les... 
Most annoying post period
Any posts of how someone can A/B listen to one cord or another a few minutes apart and claim differences beyond human hearing . Go away already.  
Recommend speakers for a large living room
I also vote jbl everest . My room is 56x36x15 . I dont use anything but jbl . Currently my set up is wide dispersion tweeters and horns 2405 and 2441 w 2310 lenses . 2235 15” woofers and two 2245 18” subs. Horns and tweets powered by 100w rogue tu... 
Room correction help
Perhaps if you cannot here much difference there is a reflection that over powers the places you have tried . A mirror placed on surfaces should show you if you are accurately finding the reflective points in your room . After i switched to very w... 
Considering simplifying my system... talk me down (or whatever)
You may have someone close that wants to pick up where you left off. They may even feel you around them when they listen to it . That is of course your system lives longer than you . Long may you ride  
Good Pre-Amps For McIntosh
I would keep the pureness of Mcintosh going. Whether c50 or c2200  
Perfect Path Technologies - "Stop It" AC Duplex passive line conditioners
I imagine theres a storage locker of them somewhere. Instead of trying to peddle them here . Home depot would prob pay 5 bucks each over a million of them.  
What does the term "Speed" mean in a speaker?
I believe it is all things that come together to have a fast set of speakers. Well designed paper drivers in a well design enclosure . With as high end crossovers as you can afford , with an amplifier with the appropriate taps , bi amplified . I t... 
Correct Way to Invert Phase
My NAD M51 inverts as well 
Correct Way to Invert Phase
What are some examples of songs with reversed phase . Would be interesting to see the differences.  
Whats playing on your system today?
The Guess Who Random mix on Tidal 
Stylus-Drag..Fact or Fiction?
Variability adds to the beauty of the vinyl sound . Why try and make it sound digital. Every single live performance does this, except techno. Does this drag decrease with softer passages ? Increase with dynamic peaks ? Back and forth ? I dont thi... 
...amazed by 15+ year old interconnect...
They may be just old enough that china didnt knock them off yet.  
How much are AR AR3's worth these days?
they are only worth anything to the right person.  I wouldnt pay that much for them even working . If you wanted them gone and someone honestly likes them you should have let them go. Likely to a better home that isnt going to blow them up .  
Best speakers 5k 10 k
The 10k are best