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Selling my dads top of the line system
my dad is still kicking . And i have a couple guitar amps of his . My kids will get them. Its a tangible part of the desires he had in his life . And at any time i can turn them on and hear him . .. anyways i dont know the circumstances or how muc... 
MA7900 anyone experience problems with firmware ?
My c46 goes berserk sometimes . Volume wont work with the remote or the dial. Some times you turn it on no sound at all. If i kill the power and turn it on again everything corrects.  
Selling my dads top of the line system
I would keep it . It takes a lot of years of upgrading to end up at that level of gear.  
What’s really hurting the audio hobby?
Price hurts the hobby . Pure and simple. I’ve kept most of the gear that I’ve outgrown and managed to keep through various breakups and divorce cleanouts while I’m not home. And i keep shopping for gear. Not hoarding but various sets of speakers a... 
The Golden era of Japanese integrated amps, are we missing out?
My fave is the kenwood kr9600 . It absolutely rocks . I had two, i gave my brother in law one . He lives across the street , we live on acreages. I have one in my garage he has one in his . He gets in a mood and cranks a set of jbl cf150s , i can ... 
System Upgrade
Its the efficiency , MORE power .  
Which cable
Even my wife noticed ... isnt that the truth. Haha . Such an improvement was made even a non liar noticed the difference !! 
Horn Speaker Recommendations
If i had a 40k budget would definitely be the JBL dd67000 . JBLs in the 3k range will compete with anything for that matter. I am a fan of horns but you have to have gear that allows adjustment along with practical experience with crossovers . Hor... 
Best audio tweak ever, especially for the over 60s
I’ve often wondered about how amazing everyones hearing is and their ability to cut down any piece of equipment , as though they have reference ears or something. Should have reviewer battles where they critique each others systems . I wonder why ... 
what is more important ?
And also , do your research be in love with what you are getting before you even get it. Everybody is upgrade upgrade upgrade . Can you imagine the system youd have if you did waste money upgrading on half measures? .blah .  
what is more important ?
I started with speakers . Because everyone has something to hook to them. And sources can be half arsed while you get a feel for your room. Once you are convinced you are committed and can afford it . Get the best amplifier just above your budget ... 
My expert tips on building a sensible world class audio system.
Sadly its almost a believable story. I couldnt finish it.  
What equipment upgrades or tweaks will improve the sound of drums?
I am imagining the speaker placement isnt the best it could be . Odd furniture creating reflection . Distance the speakers the same from your side walls . Dont be against a wall in a corner or have a metal filing cabinet within your angle of refle... 
Buy a pair of ten year old $40,000 speakers for $4,000 or new ones at that price point?
Anything that was 40 grand and has the possibility of being 4 grand today is a scam either then, or now. . 
Why all or most audiophiles are men?
People are stupid.