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How important is a preamp for purely digital sources?
The answer is no. You seem to be fine as is , so dont drink the blue juice. 
New to the two channel world - Advice needed on preamp
The rotel rc1590 will answer any prayers for best sound and configurability . The built in dac is smooth as silk . Also has a number of inputs both digital and analog to grow with any budding audiophile .sound quality is every bit as good as my ma... 
Take a tour of Nelson Pass’ listening room
I feel like i could hang with him any old time.  
Speaker Imaging - Do you hear a line, or do you hear an arc??
I don't understand the reference to straight line or arc.  My sound stage is as random as every recording. Mine is so immersive that i often find myself hitting mute because i feel like i heard something or someone around me . Often i turn my head... 
Is soundstaging emblematic of reality?
I love a well engineered soundstage .i find oldest stereo recordings are way out of wack. Everything is just left or right . Mostly to exaggerate the stereo effect and the new hype of it . No actual sound stage. Systems do not sound worthy if the ... 
Pls Recommend Streamer Under $500 for Tidal “HiFi”
Bluesound node 2 
Speaker toe in
I wonder if some of the very high frequencies can end up phased out unintentionally . Different source material that depends on slight delay and effects could end up cancelling out before it reaches you . The highest frequencies are short enough t... 
Different systems playing same music simultaneously
I like that this was brought up . I’m sure many of us have a,b and c systems around the house .be nice to have set up when your busy around home going from space to space. Make leaving the sweet spot more tolerable. I’ve been meaning to pick ip a ... 
Review and Guidance into playing with power cord, strips, receptacles, and conditioners.
Sort of regretting getting here 42 hours too soon.  
Do you guys like Adele's music?
I dont mind flipping through her songs. But not playing them out .  
Ears hurt when listening after changing speakers
I’ve had the same issue before . The sound is so good , that you do not notice how actually loud you are using them. After ten minutes you hit mute and you get that split second of soap bubbles in your ears sound. Ear fatigue is a little more like... 
Solid core Versus Stranded Speaker cables
I use 12gauge twisted in wall OFC . Came in a 500 ft roll . I dont seem to get any interference . But i have all my wiring as separated as possible.  
Solid core Versus Stranded Speaker cables
I wonder if stranded wire is more susceptible to interference ? As noted before the little micro lightning bolts in the skin effect would have a much lesser similarity to an electron tube . Where a solid core has its own path of least resistance l... 
Best speakers for max. $3000?
Mike in nc is right . Couldnt have said it much better . You need to talk about your listening space and your type of listening . Do you require book shelf , floor or what have you . Infinite baffle , planar , coaxial horn ? On and on . Which bran... 
can someone answer me this.....
Dont drink the blue juice . Just roll some tubes. Power cords and crap are not going to make near as much difference as tubes.