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Help with high end bookshelf speakers
grislybutter I truly wish to understand why my comment was removed. Who was offended by what? If you truly want to understand, you can contact the moderators using the Contact Us link that is at the bottom of each page. I've found them to be v... 
Power filtering – Furutech or Puritan Audio?
annalog I had an electrician run the first two breakers from the panel, with 10 gage solid core <20 feet to my outlets, and sink a copper grounding rod, into a dirt and rock salt pool, about 8 feet between the outlets and the ground rod and u... 
Why do Wav and Flac Files Sound Different?
bolong I am assuming that stripping the folder of all metadata means the CD cannot be used in a manner such that individual songs can be called up by my transport, i.e, the whole file becomes a monolith that can only be played from start to fini... 
Is The Audio Asylum Down?
You are welcome. Sorry to say I gave you a bad link, and then I couldn't edit it. try this instead. Right now it shows the site is up: Website Name: audioasylum.comURL Checked: 131.79 ms.Response Time: 46 mins agoLast Down: UP Audioasylum... 
Is The Audio Asylum Down?
This from   Website Name: URL Checked: no response Response Time: ~5 days 20 hours Down For: DOWN is DOWN for everyone. It is not just you. The server is not responding...  
Thumper’s Mother
It seems to me that most of the users here are pretty reasonable. It's the few persistent noisy "experts" who spoil it.  
YouTube star Jay loves McIntosh MC 901 amplifier
By all appearances, "Jay" is a used audio equipment dealer. He hypes gear on his YT channel, then sells it as he moves on to the next. He'd clearly rather be a YT star, though.  
Digital LP’s
bipod72 The sound quality of vinyl, even today’s vinyl won’t be as good as the high-rez digital recording because vinyl has medium format limitations. It often doesn’t work that way in practice. It is very common for record companies to put a ... 
Do you past equipment appear in your dreams?
No, but I've fondly dreamed that I'd kept and was still driving one of my old cars.   
What is your front end ?
I enjoy the sound of LPs on my turntable the most, but it's not what I listen to most frequently.  
Why do Wav and Flac Files Sound Different?
I’m a long-time analog guy and I know it annoys some of my fellow analogists when I say this, but I can make 24/96 digital files from LPs from my VPI/SME V/ARC Ref Phono 2SE that are spookily faithful. I don’t think anyone could tell them apart.  
Hearing aid question
ericrhenry5488 I’ve been pleased and surprised by the number of thoughtful responses ... Me, too @ericrhenry5488. I’ve been an audiophile for a l-o-n-g time. I’m sure that any discussion about hearing aids would have been met with derision by ... 
why expensive streamers
mdalton those are called rhetorical questions ... I apologize if my frustration came across as hostile.   Sealioning, anyone?  
why expensive streamers
mdalton How can it be that these manufacturers have discovered a secret in removing jitter, noise (and fairy dust?) without showing us how to measure this new, exciting branch of science?  Why don’t you ask them to prove it?  Why don’t they volu... 
A Better Way to Buy Gear - Help Needed
I'd walk away.