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Why is my expensive streamer to my DAC better than sending Roon or my Mac directly to DAC
weiserb The streamer is getting the initial signal from the noisy computer You'll probably get a better result by connecting your streamer via ethernet to its own port on your router.  
Some thoughts on ASR and the reviews
mikhailark ... you "have been measuring" while Nelson and Viktor built tons of gear people love, buy and keep for years ... Why are you even here? Are you yearning for attention and confirmation of your "achievements"? He's a YouTuber who ... 
New DAC issues
What led you to choose this DAC? Did your dealer recommend it? Did you buy it based on specs? Is it returnable? If you bought this DAC used, then all bets are off because you don't know its service history.  
Why is my expensive streamer to my DAC better than sending Roon or my Mac directly to DAC
why can't the Mac simple go directly to the DAC Nothing prevents you from connecting the Mac directly to the DAC.  
My Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable died...what to do?
kbmr Telling me to Lube the Motor  - do you want to tell me exactly how to do that w/ my specific unit? If it's a simple sleeve bearing - which is quite common - a drop or two of light oil on the spindle is all it needs. To be sure, I'd... 
Technics Turntables...really???
  mke246 It looks like the VPI doesn't handle 78 RPM. Any VPI with an SDS can do 78 rpm and beyond. In fact, any synchronous motor belt drive 'table can do it with a simple speed controller. The motor is synchronous to the line frequency, w... 
why balanced power last before component?
  br3098 ...with regard to residential 120VAc service in the U.S, "balanced power" doesn’t exist for all practical purposes ... The companies that are advertising "balanced power" solutions are really selling power isolation. That’s simpl... 
Sound stage of studio recordings
So many live recordings are multi-mic'd just like many studio recordings that I find the imaging is often just as bad.  
Technics Turntables...really???
mke246 I have a SP-10R, and I use the accurate-to-0.01 RPM pitch control every day when I transfer old 78s that were recorded anywhere from 70 to 90 RPM. You can’t do that with other tables. If I need the table to spin at 38.38 RPM when I’m maki... 
My Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable died...what to do?
Lube the motor.  
Why is better worse?
Specs can't really tell you how something sounds. These receivers are pretty old, aren't they? Do you know what their service history is?  
Anyone else order Caladans from Clayton Shaw?
deep_333 So, I’ll say it again, Pure Audio Project is an ISRAELI company. That detail is obviously very important to you, because you've used ALLCAPS in each of your two posts about this. So: What's your point, @deep_333?  
Youtube audiophile hi res sounds MUCH better than my Eversolo streamer
YouTube audio is lossy and compressed, not unlike an mp3 file. That can make the music sound "punchy" and some people prefer that quality.  
Solar flares are here, everyone unplug your dryer!
asvjerry ... sort of gibberish, which is Certainly NOT my ’style’ or intent ever here @ A’gon....Most notice that I do use proper capitalization...unless I’m making a Point or Drawing (hopefully) Attention to some (hopefully) salient issue o... 
The new Coda S5.5 amplifier: It's a "Petite Beast"!
willywonka I agree with you. I'm pretty sure colors aren't patented. It might not have been a threat and may just have been a friendly request ... The legal term is "trade dress" and it's an interesting area of the law with some unusual co...