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Transmission line speakers!
My Infinity Monitor IIa’s are transmission line. I bought them new in 1977 and still play them daily. They are rated flat down to 22hz and have the best bass performance (ie, most pleasing to me) of any speaker I have had - including my Von Schwei... 
Musical Fidelity
Forgot to add, I also have a MF X-LP phono preamp which is a great phono preamp for the money. 
Musical Fidelity
I have a MF Nuvista preamp and a MF E20 preamp and love both. I had at one time a MF A3.2 power amp and it was great. I just had too many power amps so I let it go in favor of a higher power unit. 
What song have you played the most?
Box Scaggs “Loan Me a Dime” 
fisher stereo
Do you know it works? If it hasn’t been used in a long time, be prepared for the worst, especially if you power it straight on to 120vac. 
fisher stereo
It’s possible, but the easy solution is an adapter. There’s one on Amazon- search on “CESS-104 RCA Plug to Female Banana Jack Adapter Cable, 2 Pack”. 
Connecting my TV to my soundbar
It will sound fine 
Connecting my TV to my soundbar
The link for the adapter doesn’t work, but you have  2 primary options: 1 is to buy a digital coaxial in to digital optical out adapter. 2 is to get a sound bar that has coaxial input. 
Original Von Schweikert VR4s
I had a pair of VR3’s that I replaced the grill cloth (Sock) on. It was easy and cheap if you have access to and can use a sewing machine. Else find someone who can sew the seam for you. 
Power amplifiers for a 3 way setup, 2 fronts 1 center
Use 1 channel only of the Vincent stereo amp. No problem at all. 
Where to take a Bogan DB 230A Integrated
I’m not familiar with that model, but looking it up on radiomuseum it looks pretty cool. It also looks like it’s fairly easy to work on (most bogens are). Anyone who repairs tube amps could do it without issue. If you can’t find a guy locally, I w... 
Totem Mani 2 At The Thrift
I have a pair and love them. Soundstage is huge - deep and wide. They need power. I drive mine with a pair of B&K M200 monoblocks that were modded by musical concepts. You also need some good solid stands. I’m also using the Totem silver speak... 
Can the TDA7492 amp board consume 24W at 12DC?
I assume you mean generate, not consume. The spec sheet says ~10 watts at 1% thd, and ~12watts at 10% thd. 
B&K ST-140 amplifier buying decision
I also have owned several Eagle 2 models. I still own a 2C prime (the last one ever made - says so right on the serial #plate). Much better amp, especially if you get the Eagle 2c prime, or Eagle 4 versions. They will likely need recapping too, an... 
B&K ST-140 amplifier buying decision
I’ve owned several of these - all of them the 105 watt versions. If that’s the 70 version in pristine condition it may be worth a little more, but if not it should sell for $150-$200 if it’s in excellent condition.