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Scent of an Audio Store
My dad owned an audio store and took me with him to work on Saturdays. That smell caught me immediately- then he’d give me an old broken piece of gear to tinker with and I was hooked. That’s when it started. I was ~10, in the 60’s.  
Ken Fritz stereo system auction is live...
Best wishes, thanks for sharing his story.  
What was your first record?
Chicago Transit Authority I   still have it, still play it.  
Roon was a game changer for me. Prior to it, streaming was laborious, and an “oh, let me try this” option. Now it’s my preferred option, and my cd players are not being used. My cds are digitized on my server, integrated with Qobuz, and I have end... 
B & K Amplifier Repairs
Have you checked Musical Concepts ?  
Von Schweikert Research VR-3... still any good?
I had a pair - they were great, but ugly.  I don't recall the drivers for sure, but they have a 10" woofer, transmission line, 5" kevlar cone mid (I think), and silk dome tweeters - 1 front firing, and 1 rear firing. Not sure how easy they are to ... 
Beginner home theater setup questions...
I’m not familiar with the klipsch set but when I set out to build my theater I did a lot of trial with used speakers . . . Quickly found out you need speakers that sound the same - especially in the L-C-R. I settled on Von Schweikert.   also . . ... 
Unscrupulous ebay buyers
I have sold hundreds of items on eBay and thankfully only had 2 issues - one similar to yours. A guy bought a vintage guitar amp from me which I said worked fine in the description, but that due to the nature of vintage electronics was not warrant... 
LOUDEST Concert and Tinnitus
It’s hard to recall, but probably deep purple in ~’72.  There were a few other loud ones.  I’ve had tinnitus for probably 30 years. One day I noticed a low level ringing in my right ear. I usually can ignore it. My wife says it’s because I play m... 
But is it HiFi? (Crown)
I have 4 crown xls amps - one I use in my living room system driving totem Sttaf speakers. I chose it because it’s in a cabinet with only ventilation from the back, and it’s a tight fit thru the door for a large chassis A/B amp.  It sounds great, ... 
DIY Steampunk Tube Amplifier, feedback please :)
I like it!  I think it would have some appeal to folk with limited space.. . . And then the question will be economics. With the labor involved, the price would have to be up there. OTOH, it’s a display piece - art. I would pay for that rather tha... 
Favourite Guitarists
many of my favorites are mentioned - add a few more Mike Oldfield Andy Latimer +1 Buckethead  
What Could Cause Center Image To Present Lower than Expected
I think the totems like to be ~4 feet out from the wall.  You can also move them a little closer together as Soix suggested, but  I’m not sure if the-in will be good, not that close together. Totem recommends no toe-in.  
What are your top 3 favorite female singers?
Jane Relf Margot Timmons Carly Simon hm;  Eva Cassidy     
Are solo efforts ever better?
Neil Young . . . by a mile.