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How to keep the silver cap tightly affixed to the power On/Off lever on my Pioneer SX-1050
Super glue.  
Albums you do not get...a plea for help and understanding
I loved Fleetwood Mack before Nicks and Buckingham, can’t stand them now. I loved the first Journey album ( with Greg Rollie), hated them since.   most of the pop rock played on fm radio from the late 70s and on I won’t listen to.  
Best progressive rock album side
Mike Oldfield. “Ommadawn” Camel.   “Mirage”. ,  “Snowgoose”. , “Rajaz”  
Need some Cart recommendations, $300 - $700 (New/Used) range…warm, full, yet great def.
Both the glider and super gold are more detailed, musical, and delicate. The denon is very good, but not the same level.  
Need some Cart recommendations, $300 - $700 (New/Used) range…warm, full, yet great def.
I have and listen regularly to a Grado Sonata, Benz Micro Glider, London Decca Super Gold, and a Denon 103r. The Denon is my least favorite. The Glider and Super gold are stellar- you may want to look into them too.  
B&K vs ADA which to buy?
I had a B&K 5125 which is the version after the 5000ii I believe. It was a wonderful sounding amp. I’m not familiar with the ADA.  
Miraga M1 vs Totem Mani-2
Mani 2s go fairly low, but I would not say deep bass. You will want a subwoofer for that size room, especially with only 50 watts.  
My modded guitar amp makes popping sounds under some circumstances
You’ll likely have better luck if you post this on   that said, why didn’t you just use the headphone jack to input to your presonus, rather than making the mod?  
Streaming to Multiple Systems around the house
Thanks @carlsbad , I'm a complete newbie on streaming,  so I'm not familiar with roon or what it does. I've used a tablet playing over bluetooth before getting my Node 2i, so I was thinking in terms of how the Node works, with Tidal and my own dig... 
Dog Owners, Do Subwoofers And Loud Noises From Your Home Theater Bother Your Dog?
My dog is fine with loud music, and low frequencies are no problem. If she decides she doesn’t like the music she goes in another room.  She freaks out with high pitched noises like smoke detectors - then she scrambles to go outside.  
2nd systems- who’s got one?
7 systems if you count the PA system in my Jam studio.  2 main systems in dedicated listening rooms, plus 1 in my office, shop, living room, and wife’s cave.  
What's Your Favorite Vinyl That Never Made It To CD or Digital?
Philip Catherine “Nairam”   Stomu Yamashta. “Go”  
Totem Mani-2 and Kronzilla
I have mani 2s and have driven them with a 30 watt tube amp. They sounded great.  
King Crimson
I agree with @simonmoon -    I am a long time fan of all their incarnations. Their best are: Larks' Tongue in Aspic, Starless and Bible Black, and Red. These 3 are their most progressive and musically adventurous. But all of their releases ha... 
Transmission line speakers!
On further review of the infinity marketing material that led me to think the monitor ilia is transmission line - it actually says that they “pack the other Enclosure with uniquely configured material that further damps the woofer and creates a tr...