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Analog or Digital and why?
Analog can sound great if recording was done right, terrible if poorly recorded, mastered, etc...Digital is no different. It all has to do with each individual recording. To generalize is impossible. I have 10 times more vinyl than CDs but while m... 
An Odd Question
Go with electric guitars... 
No "Room Correction" Topic option. Why?
For those interested in soundproofing, you may want to check out the construction of my stereo house in "my system". 
I think some cables are just a little too expensive.
@Thankful, that was actually my point, such items are a turn off to anyone wanting to get into the hobby. 
Tin Foil Hat Audio
On a side note:I always find it interesting how some listeners swear on needing a break-in period on many components for the better sound to be revealed to them. That may be true, but more importantly to me is how my ears actually need time to adj... 
I think some cables are just a little too expensive.
Oh my, the power of cables...  
Need help finding a phono/preamp
The Parks Puffin deserves its own discussion. I have one of those with my pro-ject table strictly for poorly recorded albums. Great way to improve any sound that needs it. Lacking treble, midrange or bass, no problem. Cool gizmo regardless that it... 
Need help finding a phono/preamp
I would highly recommend the 110 LP V2 from simaudio. Under $500, multiple adjustments to fit any cartridge. I love the sound of mine with my VPI Classic 1 table and Lyra Kleos cart. 
I think some cables are just a little too expensive.
There is something seriously obscene about such products. Enough to turn many would be audiophile people off imo. Products designed strictly for the upper elite have no room in my system, whether I could afford them or not. I wouldn't feel right a... 
Subwoofer Suggestion
For stereo I use dual Rythmick F12 sealed  subs. Loads of adjustments to make them disappear into the speakers. Plenty of power at 370 watts each with very tight musical bass. They have ported subs better fitted for HT. 
Why are there so many wooden speakers?
Ascend acoustic sierra towers use vertical laminated bamboo. 
Speaker shootout update; aggressive treble eliminating some (fairly?)
Agreed with furiouslyadrift about the raal tweeters. I have the ascend acoustic sierra towers with raal and they have very narrow vertical dispersion. Great clarity at ear level in your sitting sweet spot, but more subdued when standing up.  
Speaker shootout update; aggressive treble eliminating some (fairly?)
6.5 ft ceiling!?!If your info is correct, that ceiling needs major acoustic treatment. 
All New Pure Audio ONE Integrated Amp Reviewed!
It says $10,000. 
You know you are an Audiophile when:
Good for you, it is a journey. From planning the dream building through unending research, designing it, the financing, building it, moving in 2,000 vinyl and all the gears, plus installing the acoustic treatments, it took a good five years. But i...