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Help me identify speakers - AR90s? Value and replacement cost?
Switzerland might be too small to accomodate such large equipment.  
Electric bill any high
You must be living in a hut to have electronics doubling your electrical bill. ¬†  
Listening Room
Make a deal, she let's you have your sweet spot and you take care of hers.  
ADD or Audiophile?
I don't suffer this affliction. Doubt I ever will. I hate background music, makes me think of elevators.  
ABX testing with AQ Dragon power cords
Good of you to try! The equal triangle distance is something that is rebuked by many. The ideal distance between the speakers should be about 83% of the distance between your ears and the speakers. Meaning you would be better off 100" from the sp... 
ABX testing with AQ Dragon power cords
I agree with the last two posters. Your speakers are too close to the front wall. I also have huge corner bass traps floor to ceiling behind mine but I still put the speakers out nearly 5 feet. Plus yours are too in line with the equipment cabinet... 
ABX testing with AQ Dragon power cords
There is one obvious point that seems to be ignored by both posters going at it back and forth: The quality of the electrical feed to the listening room. In my house of stereo, the electrical is completely separated from the main house and produce... 
What did a good 10 MHz clock do for your Gustard R26?
I'm aware but my ears tell me different. I always go with my ears.  
What did a good 10 MHz clock do for your Gustard R26?
For the sake of argument, since I basically have a similar system as dspringham in above post, but unlike him I keep the dac on ext clock which provides a wider more expanded sound than using the int clock. I am of the school that thinks the entir... 
What did a good 10 MHz clock do for your Gustard R26?
In the end, like many, I do now agree that a master clock is valuable to clock multiple pieces together but is not very effective reclocking a single unit. It only makes sense.  
What did a good 10 MHz clock do for your Gustard R26?
@magon¬† It's complicated. I don't have the R26, but I do have the x26 PRO. I first added the C18 master clock to clock both the X26 and LHY-SW10 ethernet switch. It didn't make much of a difference for my Innuos ZENith mk3 streamer connected to t... 
How often, and how, do you clean your stylus?
Dropping it slowly up and down a handful of times on a majik eraser every few albums is the best trick I ever used. Once a great while I use a drop of the ultra expensive lyra cleaning tiny bottle at the end of a tiny brush and carefully clean the... 
This sound-suppressing silk can create quiet spaces
That may be cheaper than building my house of stereo ;)  
Wonder product?
Darn this discussion. I just bought the Waxwing to replace my Puffin. This was the last piece of the puzzle I couldn't control via remote. Just had to be done.  
Wonder product?
It sounds like you could be having a good conversation with Shannon Parks, the owner. Just email him and he will contact you for certain. One of the better audio dealer anywhere. Actually there are only a handful of adjustments I usually make on t...