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Power Cables
Shunyata venom v14. Made just for the digital end and well under $500.   
Tidal removing all MQA
Vinyl and streaming can be both equally satisfying when done correctly. If anyone likes one over the other by a big margin, they are obviously lacking in one of their systems.  
Stack Audio-SmoothLAN Network Filter- WOW!
Reading more about this filter, I see as many positive as negative experiences. I will stick with my setup. Freedom ethernet cable > optical fiber > LHY SW10 > Freedom ethernet cable > streamer > eno III USB cable.> DDC >  BJC... 
Is The Audio Asylum Down?
Pass Lab XP-12, if my memory serves me well.  
Is The Audio Asylum Down?
I tried to purchase a preamp on the Asylum once. They sure got the name right, the seller was certifiable.  
Interconnect priority
Start with source.  
Thumper’s Mother
Silly me, I thought the forum was becoming much more civilized than it used to be.  
Sonus Faber Question
OP, I have nothing to add to the multiple speaker upgrade suggestions, but yet there is no mention of room treatments. No clue what yours are, if any, as you don't mention it or post pics of your setup. Starting with room treatments is the best wa... 
Digital LP’s
Luckily, the majority of my vinyl collection was purchased in the 60s and 70s, prior to the 1982 digital CD invention. However I do agree that a new vinyl made from a 24/96 source is likely to sound very good. I base this observation on listening ... 
Do you past equipment appear in your dreams?
I often dream about how to install new equipment I just purchased. Seriously.  
So, a reviewer just said something I need to talk about.
Audiophile definition per Merriam-Webster: A person who is enthusiastic about high fidelity sound reproduction.    
What is your front end ?
No R to R or cassette, but I use all others and they all sound equally good. Preference is streaming by a mile.   
All Hail the meek --yet mighty – NODE 2i
I have mine now set up in a secondary system in the main house. Running Teddy Pardo LPS through Gustard X26 PRO dac. Very big improvement comparing to using it by itself. Excellent OS with bluos, main reason to start your streaming journey with a ... 
A Better Way to Buy Gear - Help Needed
This is one of those, if you can't see it, don't believe it.  
Not sure what to think
You and your friend are very smart. You for using your ears and your friend for recommending room treatment.