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Looking for a component for ripping and playing CD's.
Ditto on Innuos ZENith mk3.  
Vibration Control
Funny, there must be something to this. I have anti vibration control under a dozen pieces of equipment, except for my SS amp and SS preamp. And I never over thought it.  
Why I don't hear bass drums on Jazz LPs?
@bdp24  Amazing knowledge of the drum, thank you for sharing. And your musical experience is fascinating. Here I was loving music as a teen and then moved on to a business professional life which in the end allowed me to get back into my passion,... 
Auralic Aries S1 streamer
Never cared to ever try Auralic since it does not support android.  
Qobuz Connect working Beta demonstration....yay!
Thanks for the info. The Qobuz connection on Innuos sense is excellent, but will compare the Qobuz connect when available.  
Comparison of various subwoofers for 2 channel audio
I have two rythmik F12. One is by the right speaker, the other in the middle of the left sidewall. The time delay of the F12 allows for such placement.  
Eversolo A6/A8
Totally agree that the OS is number one in evaluating a streamer. That's why I have bluos (Node 130) on a secondary system and sense (Innuos ZENith mk3) in my primary. I use both Qobuz and Tidal. Qobuz has the better classical collection and I sin... 
Is the idea of audiophile listening a dying concept as boomers die off?
It's undeniable that at a younger age most must work hard and do multiple chores to run a family and that undoubtedly puts the research of quality sound as a distant secondary endeavor, if at all. Equally true is most retired people with the means... 
Power Cables
Shunyata venom v14. Made just for the digital end and well under $500.   
Tidal removing all MQA
Vinyl and streaming can be both equally satisfying when done correctly. If anyone likes one over the other by a big margin, they are obviously lacking in one of their systems.  
Stack Audio-SmoothLAN Network Filter- WOW!
Reading more about this filter, I see as many positive as negative experiences. I will stick with my setup. Freedom ethernet cable > optical fiber > LHY SW10 > Freedom ethernet cable > streamer > eno III USB cable.> DDC >  BJC... 
Is The Audio Asylum Down?
Pass Lab XP-12, if my memory serves me well.  
Is The Audio Asylum Down?
I tried to purchase a preamp on the Asylum once. They sure got the name right, the seller was certifiable.  
Interconnect priority
Start with source.  
Thumper’s Mother
Silly me, I thought the forum was becoming much more civilized than it used to be.